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10 Reasons Why You Should Head to Greece For Your Next Vacation

Greece’s many islands are the stuff legends are made of. Unprecedented beauty, fascinating history and intriguing culture all blend together in perfect harmony. These 10 island will inspire you to book your own ticket today. 


Travellers wanting to visit Greece need to be aware of certain rules and regulations when it comes to entering the country. In 2021 for instance ETIAS for Greece will be implemented as well as for any of the additional countries in the Schengen Area. This online application will only take a few minutes to fill out and you will receive notification regarding approval in just a few days. 

Alongside this travel documentation you will also need valid passport and the ability to pay for a visa, should you require one. For an exhaustive list on travel rules and regulations it’s best to visit official sources online

Greece’s 10 most stunning islands

1. Santorini – regarded by many as the most stunning of Greece’s islands. Between beautiful sunsets, charming villages, spectacular beaches and historical sites in abundance, it’s a tough one to beat.

2. Crete – one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and for good reason. Greece’s largest island can boast about incredible turquoise water, delicious food and stunning architecture. 

3. Zakynthos – limestone cliffs, blue caves and beaches you can only reach by boat are just some of the wonders of this island. A favourite among many travellers due to its rich nightlife as well. 

4. Rhodes – ancient ruins create an incredible backdrop for this popular island and its archaeological treasures have enthralled visitors for centuries. 

5. Kefalonia – visit one of the most photographed beaches in Europe marvel at its beauty IRLKefalonia is a haven for scuba divers and the treasures found under the sea are only rivalled by the stunning scenery of the picturesque villages scattered around the island. 

6. Mykonos – historical churches and windmills alongside gorgeous beaches are the starring attractions on Mykonos. Naturally the island has much more to offer but these three categories seem to be what gains the most attention. 

7. Corfu – the old town of Corfu is listed as a UNSECO World Heritage Site and contains two Venetian forts. For the history buff this is the perfect destination and once you have had your fill, check out the Corfu trail. 

8. Lefkada – home to no less than 21 incredible beaches, this island is made for the beach lover. Spend your time on one of these beauties, or why not make it a challenge and try them all. 

9. Elafonisi – one of the smaller islands and the perfect destination if you would like to make your trip to Greece a camping trip. Perhaps not the first idea that comes to mind but still worth exploring. 

10. Symi – visit the islands famous monastery and enjoy some of Greece’s most delicious traditional cuisine. Perhaps not one of the most famous destinations in Greece but a haven for relaxation and serenity. 

Choose adventure, choose Greece

These 10 islands representing some of the most stunning parts of Greece are all worthy destinations. Regardless of which one you choose there will be spectacular sites, relaxing beaches, mouth-watering food, recreational hiking and a buzzing nightlife. Choose whichever adventure you desire the most.