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4 Ways to Turn Your Love of Traveling into a Profitable Career

Traveling is a passion that many people around the world have, and once it’s safe again, they will return to doing the things they love the most. On the downside, traveling can get pretty expensive, and when you’re off to another destination, you’re likely also away from any means to make money… or are you?

#1: Rent Out Your Space While You’re Away

If you have your own place, you can list it on Airbnb or Vrbo while you’re away. As a frequent traveler, it’s already likely that you use certain listing services to find lodging during your trips, and you can use these same sites to list your space while you’re away to make money. On Airbnb, it costs absolutely nothing to list your space, you can charge any amount you want, you get paid right after your guests check into your place, and some hosts have been able to earn around $2,000 a month. If you’re a frequent leisure traveler, this could be a good option to earn money while you’re away.

#2: Sell Your Photos/Make Things to Sell

Today, many smartphone cameras have a quality that is very comparable to professional cameras, and who doesn’t take pictures while they’re traveling? You may be able to sell some of your photos on Etsy and other websites to earn some money. If photography is something that you’re good at, then consider investing in a professional camera to become a freelance photographer.

You can also draw pictures, paint paintings, and even make jewelry out of unique and found items from all of your destinations. You can also sell these items on Etsy, or even at local markets while you’re traveling.

#3: Start a Travel Blog/Vlog

If writing is more of your craft, you can start a travel blog and earn money from it. Bloggers make money by having ads placed on their blog, and when a reader clicks on the ad or watches a video ad, they receive money. Another way to make money from blogging is from affiliate marketing, where you will promote products for a company on your blog, and when one of your readers makes a purchase using your unique URL given by the company, you’ll earn a small commission. You can also get paid to write reviews for companies.

YouTube has become a very popular way for travelers to document their trips in video form. YouTube also offers a partnership program where you can start making money after gaining a certain amount of subscribers (~1,000) and have a certain amount of watch time. Just be sure to invest in vlogging (video blogging) equipment to get the best quality and experiences. 

One necessary piece of equipment is a camera/phone stand for your car, to eliminate the need to hold your camera while driving, in case you’re creating content from your car. This is very doable but if you’re not careful, it can result in a car accident with serious injuries.

#4: Write an Ebook

If you consider yourself a “travel expert” then you can write a book for beginner travelers, explaining to them everything they need to know about traveling around the world. Maybe you have something similar to a niche, and you’re an expert on traveling to beaches, the mountains, deserts, or any other part of the world. You can write how-to guides to help beginner travelers know what to expect when traveling to certain destinations. Or your ebook can simply be a collection of your stories from each of the most exciting places you’ve visited.


The majority of people dream of being able to do something that they love, while also getting paid for it, so if you love to travel, try out one or more of these options to make money. Also, remember to be patient, as it’s not likely that you’ll immediately start making good money. Like any other job, it takes time before you become an expert at it.

Packing Travel Photography Gear
Packing Travel Photography Gear