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5 Best Activities and Places to Visit in Punta Cana for Couples

 Learn about the many activities in Punta Cana for couples, from relaxing on the beach to horseback riding or swimming in a cenote.

From a sunset walk on the beach to a romantic beachside dinner to a horseback riding tour or a boat tour. These are just a few of the many activities in Punta Cana for couples, making it an amazing place for a passionate getaway.

The Dominican Republic has many places to visit, and definitely one of the best choices for most tourists is Punta Cana. It has a lot to offer, sunny beaches with crystal clear water, amazing water activities, and lush green areas to explore the flora and fauna, do adventure activities, and more.

Not only that, it is an admired place for couples to visit, looking for a dream getaway, anniversary, and honeymoon. Where you can find endless fun, the best resorts, and Iberostar’s best hotels in the Dominican Republic. The resort game in Punta Cana is on another level, making them a whole attraction by itself.

Getting Around

Getting around in Punta Cana is straightforward. If you’re in the resort area, the best way to get around is by foot, but if your heart is asking for exploring a little further, the best way is by car. Public transportation is an option, but taking a taxi is recommended.

Also, many tours and activities will offer shuttles, picking you up at your resort and leaving you there again.

Endless Beaches to Relax

It is not a secret that Punta Cana provides the tourist with some of the best beaches in the world and with that a handful of activities. Some of the best beaches in Punta Cana are:

Bavaro Beach

By far one of the most popular beaches in Punta Cana and the world, chances are you have seen this beach before, it has been used on postcards for a long time now.

A stunning beach with white sand, turquoise water, and calm waves, topped with a ton of palm and coconut trees. A must-visit

El Cortecito Beach

Another great beach is El Cortecito, perfect for those couples that want to immerse themselves in the local culture. This is a nice fishing village, with a fishing area packed with restaurants, cheap lodges, bars, and handicraft markets. Not only that, one of the biggest draws is it’s the easiest way to get to the public beach in Punta Cana.

(Cabeza de Toro) Bull’s Head Beach

If you head to the south side of Bavaro, you’ll surely come across an amazing lagoon and nature reserve. Bull’s Head Beach is a white sand beach with crystal clear water, but its biggest draw is the huge amount of coconut trees. There are almost no waves, and the water is tranquil and clean, but many times you can find algae.

Activities to Do in Punta Cana Beaches

There are many activities you can do on a beach, there are a ton of common ones you probably do already, like reading, sunbathing, walking on the beach, or even playing in the sand. But here are some more interesting activities to do in Punta Cana for couples.

  • Snorkeling (most of Punta Cana beaches are calm, but you should check the top areas for this activity)
  • Horseback riding tours
  • Beachside picnics or dining
  • Wave running
Best Things to Do and See in Punta Cana
Best Things to Do and See in Punta Cana

Many Green Areas and Outdoor Activities

If you and your beloved one are into excursions and adventure, Punta Cana offers many options, it has great outdoor areas like

Saona Island

A visit to the fantastic Saona Island is one of the most popular day trips to do in Punta Cana, embark on a speedboat round-trip and enjoy the white sand and clear water the island has to offer. Most of the excursions or tours offer transportation and a Caribbean lunch.

Not only that, you’ll have the chance to swim in the popular natural pool, also, you can relax by the beach and get an amazing massage.

Scape Park

Scape Park is an adventurous excursion, it’s packed with different activities and visits to different natural attractions. The tour includes caving, zip lining, and a visit to Hoyo Azul (a cenote with water and a deep turquoise color).

Not only that, you’ll be visiting the jungle and doing a stunning hike through it while learning about the flora and fauna.

Los Haitises

A stunning national park that offers great outdoor activities, where you can find open skies on a sunny day, with outstanding rock formations and diverse wildlife. Most of the tours to Los Haitises offer shuttles (round-trip) from your accommodation on a high-end bus, the excursion will get you through different natural attractions like Caño Hondo and Montaña Redonda while enjoying local drinks made with fruits and snacks.

Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve

Want a complete natural adventure? There’s no better place for that than a protected nature reserve, and Indigenous Eyes are owned by a private group, and you can actually do a tour. The reserve is more than 1400 acres and is bustling with wildlife, a subtropical forest, and stunning lagoons.

Best Things to Do and See in Punta Cana
Best Things to Do and See in Punta Cana