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5 Epic Reasons to Book a Trip to Antarctica

When booking a vacation, most people choose somewhere hot. However, if you take this approach, then you’re actually missing out on the trip of a lifetime- the chance to visit the vast glacier fields of Antarctica.

While many people think of Antarctica as just endless icebergs, there are actually plenty of unforgettable experiences to be had in this unique part of the world. Here are just five reasons why you should definitely consider a trip to the southernmost part of the globe:

5 Epic Reasons to Book a Trip to Antarctica #01: Penguins!

One of the main reasons why people visit Antarctica is to see penguins in their natural habitat. The continent is home to thousands upon thousands of these adorable flightless birds, and if you make an excursion to the shore, you’ll be able to see for yourself just how friendly they really are.

There’s nothing quite like seeing an entire wild colony of penguins, and hearing their happy cries fill the Antarctic air- so make sure your trip includes the chance to see them!

5 Epic Reasons to Book a Trip to Antarctica #02: Total Serenity

It’s fair to say that Antarctica is one of the last great wildernesses on the planet. The entire continent is only ever home to a couple of thousand researchers at most, meaning the majority of Antarctica is just miles and miles of completely peaceful glaciers and clear blue seas.

It’s a totally unique feeling as you look out over the tundra and know that there are hardly any other people for hundreds of miles around. If you ask me, this makes an Antarctica Honeymoon into the perfect idea of wonders!!!

5 Epic Reasons to Book a Trip to Antarctica #03: Whale Watching

During the summer months, huge numbers of humpback whales migrate to Antarctica, to feast themselves on krill and small fish before moving further north to breed. That makes Antarctica a great place for whale watchers, and there are plenty of dedicated cruises that will hopefully let you catch a glimpse of these graceful creatures.

They are impressively acrobatic, and it’s not unheard of to see groups of 200 or more swimming through the seas, before leaping out of the water in an incredible display. Book one of the many Antarctica Cruises and enjoy my friends!

5 Epic Reasons to Book a Trip to Antarctica #04: See the Midnight Sun

By far the best time to take a trip to Antarctica is around the winter solstice. On the 22nd of December, the sun remains visible in the skies above the Antarctic circle for a full 24 hours, making for a truly unforgettable experience.

Even at midnight, the ice fields remain bathed in twilight for just one day. While your trip probably won’t take you far enough inland to see the midnight sun on any other day, the weeks around the solstice still see the sun set for only a very brief time, as sunrise and sunset blend into one glorious twilight.

5 Epic Reasons to Book a Trip to Antarctica #05: Ice Channels

Antarctica is all about huge glaciers everywhere you look. The seas are filled with them, and they tower over the landscape. Tucked between them are ice channels- eerie passages through the glaciers, where all you can hear is the cracking of the ice as it shifts on the waves.

However you travel through these channels, it’s certainly a breathtaking experience- but we recommend a kayak ride if you’re able to take one, so that you can truly appreciate the tranquility of this incredible place.