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5 Reasons Why You Need an eSIM card

Hello my wonderful friends, how have you been?

Ready to embark on a new adventure of wonders? Before you depart, one thing you must consider is to always get reliable access to the internet and for that, international SIM Cards are often considered to be the best option.

But have you heard about this new invention called an eSIM Card? I didn’t know it was a thing until this week and I had to do some research to bring you the latest information about it.

Read all about it here my wonderful friends and enjoy the 5 Reasons Why You Need an eSIM Card!

5 Reasons Why You Need an eSIM Card #01 Convenience

Instead of bothering to get a physical International Sim Card, the way it works with eSIM Cards is that you simply scan a QR Code and that’s it, you’re set.

Think of them as “Virtual SIM Cards” with a very easy-to-follow setup. No more headaches trying to activate a physical International SIM Card!

5 Reasons Why You Need an eSIM Card #02 Price

Roaming charges are always very predatory so you definitely want to avoid them by buying an international eSIM Card data plan.

You can compare prices here at Roaming for different packages depending on your data use. 

No more exorbitant roaming fees for 5 minutes of checking Facebook, my friends! 

5 Reasons Why You Need an eSIM Card #03 Wide Coverage

Right now, eSIM Cards are available in over 100 destinations including the most popular tourist destinations in Asia, Europe, and more.

With time, this list will only grow until eSIM Cards are available everywhere in the world, the future is here!

Packing Travel Photography Gear
Packing Travel Photography Gear

5 Reasons Why You Need an eSIM Card #04 Eco Friendly

One of my favorite reasons is that eSIM Cards are extremely eco-friendly since they are digital items.

Did you know how much pollution is created by travelers discarding physical SIM Cards each time they travel to a different country?

Say no to plastic and be part of the SIM Card movement!

5 Reasons Why You Need an eSIM Card #05 Future Proof

Last but not least, eSIM Cards are future-proof in the sense that they are not a fad, they are a sustainable eco-friendly way of being always connected during your travels.

Thales Group estimates that by 2024 there will be 2.5 billion eSIM enabled devices shipped across the world. How cool is that?

The negative aspect? They only work on newer phones such as the iPhone X (and onwards) and the latest models of Samsung, Huawei, and Google. Be sure to double-check if your phone is compatible before buying an eSIM Card plan.

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Have you ever used an eSim Card? Would you like to? Share your thoughts and let me know what you think?

Until next time, my friends!!!

Sunet Selfie at Balandra Beach
Sunet Selfie at Balandra Beach