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5 Tips to Improve your Bluffling Skills

Whether you’re negotiating for prices or actually gambling, having good bluffing skills always come in handy in your everyday live.

Here’s 5 very useful tips on how to improve your bluffing skills my friends. Enjoy them!!!

5 Tips to Improve Your Bluffing Skills #01: Learn how to control the micro-expressions of your face

The first and more important thing is to learn to control the micro-expressions of your face, will always end up betraying you if you have not trained yourself in order to be a good bluffer. Practice with a friend face to face and tell each other 2 truths and 1 lie.

If your friend ends up guessing them all of them, try again and again and again until your face is a stone cold unreadable stone.

5 Tips to Improve Your Bluffing Skills #02: Have a noticeable tell and fool your opponents into guessing it

One of my best strategies when playing against a real life opponent is to fake a tell, that is, a sign that indicates whether I have a good hand or I’m just bluffing. This can be something small and barely noticeable just as an eyebrow being raised or fidgeting with coins.

The purpose is to lure the opponent into a false of security for the big round in which you will use your tell in the opposite way, thus, ensuring that your opponents will assume to have the upper hand on you when in fact you’re just pulling their strings.

5 Tips to Improve Your Bluffing Skills #03: Practice a lot by playing against experienced players online

Online casinos are a good training ground for poker players since you can battle opponents that are better than you at bluffing and learn from your mistakes with them before taking it to the next level in real life.

Why bet 10000 USD when you can start low by betting 1 USD online? You can play here to start practicing your bluffing skills my friends!

5 Tips to Improve Your Bluffing Skills #04: Read your opponent’s faces and call their bluff 

Two can play the same although most of the time, everyone will play the same game. In a game where everyone bluffs, only the one that can accurately read and call their opponents’ bluff is the one that will gain the upper hand.

Don’t be afraid to throw a few games in order to call your opponent’s bluff in order to neutralize them in future rounds yo!

5 Tips to Improve Your Bluffing Skills #05: Know when to give up the round

In life there will always be better people than you and gambling is no different. There’s no shame in folding and quitting if you THINK that you’re opponent has a better card.

There will be occasions in life when all the bluffing skills in the world are rendered null when the lady of luck gives you a bad hand. Don’t get angry my friend, it happens even to the best of us and there’s nothing to do about it other than to minimize losses and get ready for the next round

I hope you have enjoyed this article about how to improve your gambling skills my wonder friends.

Until next time!