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6 Tips for Exploring Norway by Train

Going to Norway, no matter the time of year, is a scenic country with lots of mountain plateaus, sprawling rivers, green valleys, and old towns. Renting a car to see these remarkable, out-of-reach places may seem like a good idea at first, but some of the most beautiful locations are only reachable through a train ride. Not only that, but you can actually see nature in its entirety, rather than it passing you by in a flash. If taking the famous Oslo to Bergen line is on your bucket list, consider these tips and other locations to visit when you’re in Norway.

1. Taking the Train is Cheap and Green

If you’re still unsure whether or not taking the train is right for you despite the amazing scenery you’re about to witness, think about the money you’ll save, and the help you’ll give to the environment. Though a car allows more freedom for when to stop, it’s also expensive to rent and will require you to stop more often for bathroom breaks and food. Here’s a tip: get a monthly pass if you know “travel by train” will be your primary transportation method, as you’ll save yourself hundreds, while a One Country Pass could save you even more if you’re staying a while.

2. The Bergen Line and Flåm Railway

The Bergen line is the most famous railway journeys in all of Norway due to its linking to the country’s two biggest cities across the vast Hardangervidda Plateau. It’s approximately 1,237 meters above sea level, and 371-KM across, making it easy to see all the sprawling mountains, waterways, and towns. 

The Flåm Railway is another impressive line, and a real feat of engineering because it winds around the countryside through Aurlandfjord to Sognefjord. Both of these lines have an extensive amount of tunnels and bridges, and they connect to one another from Bergen to Myrdal to Flåm. These trains also carry free wifi for your smartphone or tablet, so you can comfortably play your app games, like slots from Casumo casino, within the cabin. Don’t miss this detour!

3. The Dovre Line and The Train to Røros

The Dovre Line starts from Oslo and goes all the way to Trondheim. Although it isn’t as picturesque as the Bergen Line, it lets you soar over the Dovre mountains where you can see some beautiful animals like the Musk ox. The main point of this train is getting to Røros, though, which is a lovely old copper mining town. It’s a remote community full of well-kept wooden buildings and a fascinating snapshot of an older golden age where copper was endless. Now, Røros is a tourist town with lots of Norweigian restaurants and a February World Famous Christmas Market. Give it a look if you can.

4. Hiking Near The Rauma Line

Most tourists don’t know the Rauma Line because the connecting cities, Dombås to Åndalsnes, are detours from the accessible Dovre Line. However, if you’re an avid hiker that wants to see what Norway has to offer on food, take a stop at Åndalsnes. Before you do, look out for the Trollveggen mountain face, the Romsdal Alps, and the Kylling Bridge for their beauty. Most hikers and travelers like to choose Åndalsnes because it has the Trollstigen mountain pass near it, and the Trollveggen trail very close to its base.

5. Night Trains

Although all of the lines mentioned have multiple departure times, there are also night trains on the main routes between the major cities. These have sleeping compartments that are large enough for two people, though they aren’t affordable unless you bring a friend. Still, these night trains offer a place to stay with transportation for one fee, including eye masks, earplugs, and a blanket. Keep in mind that in the summer months, the sun doesn’t set at night until much later, so keep that mask on at all times. 

6. How to Buy a Ticket

The Vy website is the easiest way to buy train tickets in Norway and they have a full English translation available. You can print them out, or keep them on your smartphone, but it’s always better to buy your ticket in advance because they’ll be much cheaper, and we mean at half-price. These cheaper fare tickets sell out fast, especially during their busy season between June-August, so if you know the date of travel, buy them as soon as possible.