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7 Things to Include on Your Holiday to Dubai

Dubai is an exciting place to go on holiday because there are so many different things to do here. As you descend into Dubai International Airport, you will see the huge skyscrapers, and you’ll know that you are about to experience something quite different to anything you’ve ever seen before.

The city has built itself into a world class tourist destination and it will not disappoint. Here are 7 things to include during your holiday to Dubai.

Things to Include on Your Holiday to Dubai #01: Scuba Diving

Dubai is a great place for scuba diving. There are no natural reefs but there are plenty of wrecks that have been sunk for divers to explore. There is plenty of marine life and you can expect to see turtles, leopard sharks, guitar sharks, and rays.  If you have never dived before you can get your certification at a few places before you head out on the water. 

Things to Include on Your Holiday to Dubai #02: Water Parks

There are more than 10 water parks to visit in Dubai and it is a great place to go to escape the heat. The slides and amusement rides are sure to please people of all ages. There are also restaurants and bars at the water parks so you can make a whole day of it. Many of the hotels offer transfers to the water parks so you don’t even have to worry about getting there and back.

Things to Include on Your Holiday to Dubai #03: Visit the Desert

There are a couple of ways to visit the desert. You can join a safari to the desert in a 4 wheel drive vehicle, luxury car, or dune buggy. You will get to see herds of gazelles, wild camels, and onyx. You could also try a hot air balloon at dawn that takes you over the desert as the sun is rising.

Things to Include on Your Holiday to Dubai #04: Shopping

Dubai offers some of the world’s best shopping and there are sixty malls that offer everything from the latest trends to the best brand names. There is plenty to do inside of the mall and you can get child minding, go skiing, or visit a zoo, indulge in luxury spa services, and many more exciting things.

Things to Include on Your Holiday to Dubai #05: Explore the Food

Dubai is a fabulous place for foodies and you can find food in fine restaurants, pubs, or in great food stalls on the street. The selection of food is multicultural and you can find anything that you have a craving for. Many Michelin Star chefs from all over the world have opened restaurants here so there are plenty of opportunities for fine dining.

Things to Include on Your Holiday to Dubai #06: Golf

There are several golf courses in Dubai where you can play a challenging game of golf. They are designed by professionals and many of them also come with clubhouses and pools that the rest of the family can hang out at if they do not feel like hitting the greens.

Things to Include on Your Holiday to Dubai #07: The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is set upon the Burj Khalifa Lake and this awesome display choreographs lights and water to music. The water can shoot higher than 150 meters and it is an awesome spectacle to see.  You can watch it from the shore of the lake or take a boat ride out and see it from a different angle.