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The best way to learn to Surf in Europe

Learning how to surf for the first time has the potential of being a big traumatizing experience and that’s why you want to learn in a calm environment with professional instructors.

Europe, being one of the most popular continents for surfers, offers some of the best surf schools ever and that’s why it’s the number one choice for many travelers that are looking for literally, getting their feet wet, and getting started in the marvelous world of surfing.

Are you interested in learning how to surf? Here’s some general tips for you my wonder friends!

Learning how to surf: the basics

First things first: you need to know how to swim and not to be afraid of the water. Surfing can potentially be dangerous if you don’t know how to swim so this is the most important aspect to consider.

Second, you need to feel comfortable carrying a heavy object such as the surf board and you also need to learn how to maneuver it in order to avoid hitting fellow surfers with it.

Third, have fun and don’t despair if you cannot manage to stand up in your first day. It might take many tries but being calm and keeping balance is the key so there’s no need to rush it. The waves will wait for you!!!

The best surf schools in Europe

When it comes to surf schools there’s many important things to consider before choosing one:

-Language: do they speak the same language than you? Or do they at least speak a language in which you’re both fluent? Communication is key to prevent accidents and language is the base of all sorts of verbal communication. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with a instructor with whom you cannot communicate, right?

-Price: too cheap and it might not be worth it. Too expensive and you’ll feel like you’re getting ripped off. Finding a fair and balanced price is important when it comes to selecting a surf camp. Most of them offer also accommodation so consider that in the equation as well.

-Ambience: Surfing is a sport that knows no age although if you’re young you will most likely want to be in a surf camp with people your age with whom you can party after an intense day of breaking waves. Just be sure to sleep well and to avoid being hangover for the next day’s lesson!

-Location: Ideally, you want your surf camp to be in a popular place with good transportation. Spain and Portugal are two of the most famous destinations for surfers and specially for those who also want to enjoy great food and sightseeing.

One of the best surf camps that excels at these 4 important aspects is the Art Surf Camp located in Razo, Spain. Just take a look at some of the photos on their website in order to feel the thrill of surfing with them.

Are you ready to break waves like a pro my wonder friends? Enjoy and have fun everybody!