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Bus travel from Austin to Dallas: where to buy tickets

When train is not an option and planes are too expensive, bus travel is definitely the best way to go from point A to B without any hassle at all. It’s hard to believe how bus travel evolved from the traditional coach carriage, right?

In the USA, bus travel is very commonly used by all sorts of travelers mostly because of the big size of the country and also for its relatively low price.

Sadly, buying tickets can sometimes be kind of a headache and that’s why in this article we’ll talk about how to successfully buy a bus ticket online in order to go from Dallas to Austin, Texas.

Let’s go!

How to bus travel from Dallas to Austin

Dallas and Austin are the two most important cities of the Lone Star state and thus, it is a very popular route by all travelers alike. The distance between the two is roughly 200 miles and the bus journey will take you 3 to 4 hours on average.

What you need to do in order to buy your ticket is to go online and search your options of traveling by bus from Dallas to Austin.

Bus fares and times vary depending on the season but you should expect to pay somewhere between 15 and 30 USD. Not too bad, right?

Once you finally reach Austin, be sure to enjoy some of the best ranked places by travelers from all over the world such as the State Capitol, LBJ Presidential Library and the Bullock Texas State History Museum.

You can also embark on a Austin Bike Tour in order to explore the city in a different way. You’ll love the Texas spirit for sure!

Are you ready to visit Austin? I’m sure you’ll enjoy it my wonder friends! Have a nice week everybody!