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Checklist for a Summer Road trip to Europe

Many people love the idea of a summer road trip abroad. Using your own transport to travel where you like and when you like is a fascinating and exciting prospect. It’s not quite that easy, of course; you need to plan your trip to ensure it goes smoothly and lets you enjoy your constantly changing landscapes to the full. Start with a checklist and keep in mind the following points:

You can either use your own vehicle and take it to mainland Europe or, alternatively, a much easier option is to get a cheap flight and fly to any destination of your choice, you can then hire a car from the many rental companies and begin your trip from there, you need to research the costs of essential local purchases. These include petrol, food and accommodation. If you’re going to be sleeping in a camper van, your accommodation costs will be in the form of campsite charges. You can research the costs of individual campsites online and also find out what facilities they offer.

Travel documents
If you are a non EU citizen you will most likely need to apply for a visa before entering the country. If you’re travelling within the Schengen Area of the European Union, you only have to show your passport at the point of entry as there are no passport control stations between Schengen countries. For other countries, check with their embassies for required documentation.

Don’t take chances. The last thing you need is for your trip to be ruined because you didn’t plan carefully enough. Make sure you have adequate vehicle insurance and roadside coverage in case of a breakdown. Also, if you’re hiring a car for your trip, make sure you have adequate car excess insurance. For more info on this topic check  for more advice on European insurance requirements. This cover will avoid incurring hefty charges by the hire company in the event of the car sustaining any damage.

Language Barriers
One of the pleasures of a road trip abroad is getting off the beaten track. That means you may be in places where English won’t be understood. It’s not a problem these days as there are some excellent smartphones apps that can translate to just about any language.

Whichever countries you’re going to be driving through, be aware of such legal requirements as speed limits and other restrictions. Be careful about carrying essential medicines, too. What’s legal in one country may not be in another. Keep in mind also that even if you intend driving in just one country, such as the Unites States, legal requirements can vary from state to state.

The key to having an amazing summer road trip is research and plenty of it. Know exactly where you want to go, what the costs and legal requirements for you, your passengers and your vehicle will be. Also ensure that you not only have enough money to cover your costs but also that you have access to funds in the event of unforeseen expenses. That will give you the peace of mind to fully focus on your road trip and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.