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Essential Tech for Overseas Travel

While the world is shrinking thanks to technology, travel remains an activity that requires a fair bit of effort. From finding the best flights to getting a visa and the entire parade of checks at airports, it takes a lot before you can reach a destination to start enjoying it finally. As is the case with human nature, when we face problems, we also work towards finding a solution for it, and once again technology has helped us in more ways than one. From entertaining while we wait for our flight, to making sure we stay connected with our loved ones during a business trip, having the right tech can make a huge difference.

But what should we have that can make life simpler? The industry of gadgets has expanded so much that finding and using one for our benefit itself is quite a daunting task. Look at any electronics shop, and you’ll find gadgets for every possible occasion. As a result, we have so many “toys” lying around that we picked up on a whim thinking they will change our lives, but in the end, we lost interest in them within days. The trick is to keep it simple. For that, we look at four techs that can entertain us, keep us connected, and most importantly, help us stay sane during those long travel delays.

Mobile Devices

A mobile phone is the most basic of tech gadgets to have in your arsenal. It helps you stay connected and acts as a complete entertainment centre. iPads and e-readers add on to this group through which you can play online slots on the move, watch a movie, read a book, or send off essential business emails. The important part is to upgrade and stay in tune with the times when it comes to these crucial gadgets. Having the latest phone, for example, with a high-resolution camera means you can skip on carrying a separate camera with you. Similarly, faster processing and HD screens allow you to make the most of Live Poker games or video slots with spectacular graphics and sounds. Even though it is a slightly expensive investment, having a good phone can prove to be quite helpful during travels.

Pocket Internet

Hotels have internet access, there are free internet hotspots around cities, and our mobile phones have connectivity, so why do we need pocket internet. The question arises, are mobile hotspots essential for travels? And the answer is, yes. It is cost-effective, and you don’t have to ever worry about not having a connection no matter where you are. With a mobile hotspot, you have full access to the internet including high download speeds whether you are travelling in a train, playing online bingo on your favourite casino site, sipping cocktails on a beach, or working in a hotel. The cost of using a pocket internet service is a lot less than paying your phone provider or the hotel for the use of the internet.

Online Casino Apps

Nowadays there are apps for everything, and online casinos are no different. We mention online casinos here for two main reasons. Firstly, they are the perfect example of entertainment where you can play a variety of games on mobile-friendly casino websites or apps. Secondly, you can do it for fun, but also when playing with money, you have the opportunity to win back all the expenses of the vacation you are on at that time. It’s vital you do some research on the website you want to join using reviews. With these online casino reviews you can check for the games they have, their customer support, and most importantly the welcome bonus they will give you. There are lots of options available depending on where in the world you are, especially for Canadian players who get to enjoy some genuinely great bonuses.


Whether you are looking to have an uninterrupted session of live poker in a foreign country or you want to access social media sites in a region where they are banned, having a virtual private network can solve all your issues in a click. A VPN allows users to log into their sites from anywhere in the world, making sure that local policies don’t deter you from having fun or staying connected.

Besides these four gadgets and technological necessities, there are many other products available in the market that take care of your individual needs. From bracelets that help you sleep better to noise cancelling headphone, the choices are varied. But as we mentioned in the beginning, remember to keep it simple.