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Fab Ways to Show Off Your Travel Photos

Unless you are old school and still have photo albums, the majority of your travel photos will be on social media or stored in the memory of your phone or other devices. You may even have printed a few off and popped them in frames, or visited an online company such as Hello Canvas to have them transformed into a canvas print. It seems a shame to have those memories stuck on a memory stick instead of enjoying them, so here are a few ideas for you to show them off and get the appreciation they deserve.


There are so many choices available with modern canvases, you really are spoilt for choice. For example, if you have taken a magnificent shot of the pyramids. You can have 3 canvases produced which hang side by side to take in the complete vista. If you have a wonderful shot that has something lurking that shouldn’t be there but cannot be cropped out due to its position why not get a shaped canvas that will eliminate the unwanted intruder? There are endless possibilities and canvases also make great gifts if you want to share some of those special memories.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Having your pictures turned into jigsaw puzzles is a wonderful way for the whole family to enjoy them. Imagine sitting together putting together a puzzle of the Golden Gate Bridge, or even Grandma on a zipline in Interlaken, Switzerland ? The joy of these is the fact you have created these, they are your pictures being put together not some generic images that are also on 1000 other jigsaws. Kids love jigsaws, and what better way of sharing your photographic memories with them than by helping them put the pieces together while telling them the story behind the image they are creating?


T-shirts, caps and bags are all items that lend themselves particularly well to having pictures printed onto them. Imagine a T-shirt emblazoned with a fantastic shot of an elephant you snapped in Africa? Or a tiger at a nature reserve? As long as it’s a good quality image it will be recreated in perfect detail.

Decorative Wall Hangings

As an alternative to traditional wall hangings why not have your favourite images printed onto material then framed? You could create a wonderful montage to your travels in this way, as there is no limit to how many you get printed or how they are hung. You can even use frames to match the subjects to create the complete effect. A wooden frame, for example, is perfect for Ayers Rock, or gold one for the Taj Mahal.


Printing onto cups and plates used to be hit or miss at best, whereas these days the technology has progressed to the point where you can use your printed crockery, and wash them, on a daily basis. Having a set of mugs printed with scenes from that little cafe in Paris is a unique and beautiful way of bringing back those special memories every time you drink from them. You can go as wild or sedate as you like. These are your pictures and your memories, enjoy them as you see fit.