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5 Reasons You Should Fly to Dubai This Summer

Dubai is truly a must see as a mixture of the past and ultra-modernisation. It has a very unique way of being and an excellent middle eastern destination to explore.

Here are five reasons you should fly Dubai this summer.

To relax on Dubai’s beautiful beaches

If you are staying in one of the many five-star hotels then you’ll find you can enjoy your very own stretch of beach. If not, there are public beaches to relax on too. These include the popular Kite beach where you’ll find kite surfers enjoying the surf, and the picturesque Sunset Beach. Tourists come to Sunset Beach foe that perfect photo with amazing views of the Burj Al Arab. Jumeirah Beach is another great choice. Here there are plenty of facilities such as changing rooms with showers as well as water-sports and sunbeds for rent. As there are plenty of restaurants and cafes around you can spend the whole day here relaxing in the warm sunshine.

To take advantage of the great shopping

During summer there’s the Dubai summer surprises shopping festival where there are sales all over the city. Dubai shopping malls are huge and contain every kind of shop you can imagine.

They are also air conditioned too which is a welcome break from the immense summer heat. Inside you’ll even find theatres, art galleries, child minding centres, and mosques. Plenty enough to keep you entertained all day.

A different kind of shopping experience are the souks. These atmospheric shopping areas are a real experience, where the real people go shopping for everyday things.

They may not be the same as the wonders of Istanbul but they are certainly worth a visit. Remember to haggle!

To see the world’s tallest building

The Burj Khalifa is an iconic building in Dubai. The modern building towers to a massive 828 metres tall.

You can take the high-speed elevator right to the highest point you can view from, the ‘At the Top’ observation decks at either level 125 or level 148. Both levels enable you to experience a 360 view of the city stretching out below you, with windows from top to bottom it is an incredible sight.

There’s also a cocktail lounge and restaurant on Level 122 which is popular with tourists to enjoy a drink and look out over the city from a pre-booked window seat.

To learn about the local culture and history

You may think Dubai is all new and shiny but there is a rich culture and history underneath all the bling. The Sheikh Mohamed Centre for Cultural Understanding is a good place to start as the centre introduces visitors to Islam and Emirati culture.

Take a guided tour of the Jumeirah Mosque, learn some Arabic and traditions on the local people. The Dubai museum is another place you can learn about the area’s history.

You can discover objects dating back to the bronze age and there are some interesting exhibits showing historic traditional dress and jewellery.

To take advantage of cheap hotel prices

Summer in Dubai is not peak season, the weather is very hot and there are less visitors than in the winter. However, you can use this to your advantage and find some excellent deals on hotels.

So you can stay in luxury at a bargain price and enjoy everything Dubai has to offer.

Would you consider Dubai as a destination for your summer holiday?

Dubai is a place with many sides to it, which makes it an excellent region to visit and explore. It has everything you need for all kinds of traveller and if you are looking for a bargain, summer time is the time to go.