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The History of the Romantic Gondola Rides

The traditional gondola is a canoe used in Venice to navigate its impressive lagoon and even though they cater mostly to tourists these days, they were originally used as the most used means of transportation for locals in that part of the world.

Today, it is very romantic to share a gondola ride with your loved one as the gondolieri, that is, the person in charge of rowing, serenades you both with a traditional Italian song making this the perfect opportunity for wedding proposals.

In ancient times, there were up to 10 thousand gondolas in Venice although right now there’s only 400 with some of them being used as public transportation and the rest being used for tourist purposes.

Would you like to visit Venice on a Gondola? Here’s some of the basic tips that you need for this fascinating local cultural experience! Also, remember to buy an Italian phrasebook since that’s definitely going to be very helpful when it comes to negotiation for gondola ride prices.

If you want to hire a gondola, just look for the gondolier’s iconic uniform of black and white stripes and make sure to bargain for a hourly price including a list of the places you will be exploring.Be fair but strict when it comes to negotiating since you don’t want to neither overpay or underpay since in both situations the gondolieri will make sure that you’ll regret it by either being rude or the worse: being quiet the entire journey.

Who knew that negotiating for a gondola ride could be so hard, right?

Last, but certainly not least, you can always avoid the long haul flight to Venice and instead enjoy a Romantic Gondola in San Diego in order to surprise your loved one in a very special occasion.

Enjoy Casanovas of the world!