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How to Take to The Skies like a VIP

If you want to fly like a VIP, without having to necessarily spend like one to do so, then you’re in luck because it can be done! It’s true; you can take to and soar through the skies like you’re a very important person without having to pay extortionate prices. In fact, you can do so without having to do much at all.

To see what it takes to take to the skies like a VIP, then make sure to carry on reading.

Be granted FF status

Airlines give frequent flyers (FF’s) more preferential treatment than they do anybody else. So, if you want to have your seat upgraded from economy to business class for no extra charge or without doing anything at all, then you need to be getting yourself granted FF or elite flying status.

To do this, you have to show loyalty to one airline (no matter how hard comparison sites and lower prices might make this) and you have to resolve to cover a certain amount of miles with them only. By paying a bit extra on flights to stick with your chosen airline, you will reap the rewards of being treated like a VIP in the long run.

Only fly at peak periods

Normally, you will be advised to fly at ‘off-hours’ so that you can avoid congestion in the airport and an over-crammed airplane. If you want to earn yourself some VIP treatment, however, then you need to only ever fly at peak periods by booking yourself on oversold flights, no matter how busy everything might be.

This is because being on a full flight will see an improvement in your chances of being moved to a nicer seat. The worst thing that can happen is that you will be asked to wait for another flight, and you’d always be sure to receive payment for accepting that sort of deal.

Do not order a meal

When you order yourself an onboard meal, you make the chance of you being upgraded impossible. This is because, quite simply, your meal cannot be moved or upgraded with you.

No matter how hungry you think you might be on your plane, if you want to be a VIP, refrain from ordering a meal. Who knows, when you are VIP, you might be offered something to eat anyway!

Request an upgrade as compensation

If you are ever wronged by the airline that you choose to fly with, be it because of you not receiving a meal when you were promised one, them losing your luggage or a flight delay or cancellation on their part, then you can request a VIP upgrade as your compensation.

If you’d rather get your money back, then you’d have to go to an expert company such as FairPlane, as they have the expertise needed to reclaim monetary compensation for flyers, particularly when their flights are delayed or abandoned.

If you want to take to the skies like a VIP, no matter how ‘important’ you might be, then all you need to do is put the advice above into practice. Before you know it, you’ll be in business class without having paid to get there!