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Mobile Sports Betting Is The Wave Of The Future

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the way the world operates. If there’s anything society has learned from the so-called “new normal,” it’s that our devices aren’t just necessary, they are vital to our survival. 

No matter how often we’re asked to don masks for the safety of ourselves and others, it can’t mask this reality.

Zoom meetings are how we do business. Online schooling is keeping children in the know when it comes to their education. Whether it be food, clothing, shelter, or any other item among the necessities of life, the safest and smartest way to acquire all is now through some form of online technology. 

For most of us, the preferred method of device is our mobile or smartphone. Some people had already figured out that the world was literally at the fingertips they use to press the buttons or swipe to the right on their iPhone or Android device.

The rest of us are now all aboard this train to the future. Even entertainment is now being acquired chiefly through a mobile device.

Some industries on the cutting edge of technology were already headed in this direction. One such growth industry that grasped tightly to the mobile revolution before it became cool was in the world of online sports betting sites.

On The Cutting Edge

Mobile wagering was already moving strongly forward as the future of sports wagering long before the novel coronavirus made the mobile future now for virtually every organization.

It only made sense. People who are into betting tend to be the type of personality who crave action and excitement. They were naturally compatible with society’s move toward a more fast-paced mobile lifestyle.

The numbers back up this theory. Data showed that in 2019, around 80 percent of all wagers handled in the state of New Jersey were made via a mobile device. Industry analysts were projecting that within a decade, online sportsbooks would be handling 90 percent of their action through mobile devices. 

Society has changed the way it approaches entertainment. It’s not enough to sit and view, whether it be a movie, a concert, or a sporting event. People crave information about the event they’re watching and thanks to the combination of Wi-Fi and hand-held mobile devices, that information is literally at their fingertips. Venues are beginning to understand this concept. Newer entertainment sites such as Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena include social media gathering areas where people can come together to watch the game but aren’t confined to a seat. They are free to move around, interact with others and connect to people who aren’t there and information about the event they are attending via their mobile devices.

Even the ticket to that event has gone mobile. Most people prefer to download an e-ticket to their phone and scan a barcode to enter the event. 

Always In Play

Sports betting sites were way ahead of the curve in this area. In-play wagering, which allows players to make bets on events taking place in real-time during a game, is the fastest-growing form of wagering, and it’s almost entirely done through mobile devices.

Online betting operations began to notice a trend developing in the early days of the COVID-19 lockdown. While overall bets were down, mostly due to the absence of live sports upon which to wager, the percentage of bets that were coming in from mobile devices dramatically increased.

In March of 2020, Nevada sportsbooks saw a 76.4 percent drop in handle due to COVID-19. However, 63 percent of all wagers taken in were made with a mobile device. That was up from 44 percent during the previous month.

Daniel Kustelski, CEO and co-founder of freeplay gaming provider Chalkline Sports believes that the sports betting industry has learned from the COVID-19 experience and seen the future of their industry. Kutelski believes that the sports betting industry will reimagine itself in a post-pandemic world a stronger entity than previously. He’s anticipating an even quicker move by the industry into mobile and online betting.

“We will emerge stronger than before,” Kutelski told “I believe that there will be a material change to the gaming industry, with a hard shift towards online and mobile.”