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The Perfect Australian Traveller

Regardless of whether you’re an exploring Australian traveller or you’re visiting Australia from further away you’ll find lots to see and do in Australia.
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Australia – for the Australian Traveller and the International Visitor

Australian is a popular tourist destination, both for home-grown travellers and for tourists who come from far away. Regardless of whether a visitor’s interest lies in exploring nature, history, nightlife or culture the Australian traveller will find plenty to do in in all areas of Australia.

About Australia

Australia is the ancestral home of the Aboriginal peoples who are believed to have migrated to the Australian continent over 50,000 years ago. The Europeans first explored Australia in the 17th century and by the 18th century it had become a destination for thousands of people who wanted to try their luck in a land of opportunity.

The population grew throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Immigrants and their children settled throughout the country, both along the coastal areas and in the inner areas. Today the majority of Australians live in the largest cities of Melbourne and Sydney.


Australia is situated on the Indo-Australian Plate and is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. Much of the country is barren and includes almost every type of climate including desert, equatorial, tropical, subtropical, rainforest, grassland and temperate. There are mountain areas, plains, a Great Dividing Range, Antarctic regions and other landscapes which combine to provide travellers with a great area for exploration. Some of the highlights of an Australian trip include the Australia’s arts, sports, nature and entertainment venues.


The fact that Australia is a young country doesn’t mean that its art culture is weak. There’s a wide range of art institutions and exhibitions for the Australian traveller including shows of Australian rock art, impressionist works of Tom Roberts and Arthur Streeton and distinctly Australian Western Art such as that of modernists Sidney Nolan and Margaret Preston.

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Travellers can find enjoy performances when visiting any of Australia’s performing art company theatres. There is a world-class symphony orchestra in every Australian state and territory .

Opera fans can hear world-famous soprano Joan Sutherland when she sings and ballet enthusiasts have frequent performances of the Australian Ballet which they can enjoy. Every Australian state maintains a publically funded theatre company.


Football is a favoured sport in Australia. Australians enjoy pick-up games of football but it’s also a highly popular spectator sport. For travellers who want something a bit different, rugby is featured, especially in Queensland and New South Wales, while water-sports fans can join in water sports fun with plenty of surfing and swimming on all of the coasts. Australia has hosted the Olympic and is recognized for its tennis sponsorship – Australia hosts the annual Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam Tournament.


Most tourists come to Australia to experience the natural beauty of the Australian continent. In particular, the coastal regions of Australia are favored by tourists who come to marvel at the crystal clear blue waters and stunning landscape of the seas, beaches, coral reefs and islands. These include the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Tasman National Park in Tasmania, the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and Sydney Harbour in New South Wales.

One popular excursion involves hiking the coastline of Victoria’s Wilsons Promontory. For those who prefer the car, it’s suggested to drive from Cairns to Sydney along the breathtaking Pacific Coast Touring Route.

Australian Entertainment

You can check the Australian entertainment news to stay updated about the latest in Australian nightlife and other entertainment options.

In addition to the art and theatre performances you can check out any of the Australian casino venues for gambling and other types of recreation activity. The Aussie casinos offer gaming tables and slot machines along with hotel accommodations, shopping malls and other types of entertainment performances.

Some of the most popular Australian casinos include:

The Star of Sydney

The Star Casino is located in the Sydney suburb of Pyrmont. The casino resort overlooks the Darling harbor. There are two gaming floors, bars, restaurants and hotel rooms. The casino offers gambling options for gamers of all levels including the Sovereign Room where high-rollers conduct their gambling activities in an atmosphere of VIP gambling action. On the main floor there are Table Games, Electronic Games, multiple types of poker, and of course, the ever-present slots (pokies) machines.

The casino specializes in tournaments. On Mondays the Turbo-Tournaments play –poker competitions start at 6:15pm  and buy-in is $220  with a starting stack of 6000 tournament chips. There are also regular poker cash games.

SkyCity of Adelaide

Adelaide is called the ‘Traditional Home of Australian Poker’ and the Adelaide Casin brings that tradition to the 21st century. The casino specializes in poker with a  dynamic poker that’s zone full of poker tournaments and game variations. There are also jackpot games where participants compete against other players for jackpot rewards.

The Adelaide Casino provides VIP players with exclusive VIP gaming rooms including the Grange Room, the Platinum Room and the Fort Knox Black room. Gamers in these rooms enjoy high stakes table games with big payouts

The Adelaide Rewards Program delivers redeemable points and gaming credits as rewards for gambling activities. Players can use those reward points to cash in the points for casino amenities such as meals and accommodations or play extra games for free and achieve real money wins.

The Australian traveller can enjoy a vibrant and exhilarating trip anywhere in Australia.