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10 Amazing Portugal Travel Tips

If you are planning a trip and are looking for something exciting and intriguing, we advise you to choose Portugal. This country attracts tourists from all over the world. Today we have collected some tips for you on properly planning your trip to Portugal.

Don’t go to Portugal in July or August

If you want to walk the streets of Lisbon or other Portuguese cities peacefully, it is better to forego trips to the country in July and August. This period is the most popular among tourists. The local streets are so crowded with tourists that you cannot calmly walk through the narrow quarters.

If you are interested in sightseeing and not relaxing on the beach, it is better to come to Portugal in May, June, September, or October. The weather outside at this time is quite warm and comfortable. You can safely visit all the local historical sites without feeling uncomfortable under the scorching sun.

Things to Do and See in Porto
The amazing Azulejos at Porto, Portugal

Plan Your Trip to Estoril Casino

If you like to gamble at an online casino, just like this one, and dream of visiting a land-based gambling hall at least once, Estoril Casino is a great opportunity. Not a single tourist in Portugal misses the opportunity to make a couple of bets at local machines or card tables.

The casino is located in Estoril, which is located 18 kilometers from Lisbon and 20 kilometers from Portugal International Airport. This is the largest of the existing casinos in Europe.

Book Hotels and Tickets in Advance

If you decide to go to Portugal during the “high season,” consider booking a hotel, apartment, or other accommodation in advance. We also advise you to purchase tickets in advance. Otherwise, there will be no tickets left for a specific date. During the peak season in Lisbon, as well as in the cities of Porto and the Algarve, there are simply no free accommodation options for tourists.

And early booking is a great opportunity to save some money. As you know, air tickets bought in advance are always cheaper.

Ask for a Fan and Heater at the Hotel

Depending on what season of the year you plan to travel to Portugal, make sure that the owners of your accommodation provide a heater or a fan. In Portugal, houses are designed so that they are cool inside in summer and warm in winter. There are no air conditioners or central heating systems.

Basically, hotels understand the needs of visiting tourists. As a result, a fan and a heater are included in the list of equipment available in the room. But if you rent an apartment from a private person, you should ask if these devices will be provided to you during your vacation.

Algarve in the Winter
The call of nature at the Algarve

Get Ready for a Big Crowd in Lisbon

Lisbon is the city in which tourists come most often. On the central streets and near the most famous sights, you will encounter whole crowds of people. Sometimes it is impossible to choose the right moment to photograph local beauties without people.

In many respects, such a huge inflow of tourists is due to the policy of the local authorities. They are doing everything possible to develop the tourist sector in the city. Tourism in Lisbon is now the main source of revenue for the budget.

The historic streets are simply not designed for so many people.

Rent a Car

If you plan to visit other cities in Portugal during your trip, the best option is to rent a car. Private transport will help you arrive at many local attractions that are simply not accessible by buses.

Renting a car in Portugal is no problem at all. You can do this immediately after arrival – car rental agencies operate directly at the airport.

Buy a Metro Pass

If you are vacationing in Lisbon or Porto, a rechargeable metro card will come in handy. These are the only Portuguese cities where the subway works. 

Things to Do and See in Porto
Panoramic View of Porto, Portugal

Learn to Be Patient

Portugal is a country where people are just not used to rushing. Never rush other people; it is the excessive hurry that often annoys locals in visitors. Even the city is characterized by a measured and slow pace of life, unlike other metropolitan areas worldwide.

Buy Lightweight Sneakers or Orthopedic Shoes for the Trip

Unless, of course, you intend to do fancy photo shoots. If you plan to walk around the city, uncomfortable shoes will be your enemy because, in Portugal, the sidewalks are not in the best condition.

Bring Hats with You to Make Sure You Don’t Get Heatstroke

Isn’t that what you expect from your trip? In Portugal, you should not joke about this, because heat stroke can happen even with a harmless walk along the local streets.

And of course, any cosmetologist or dermatologist will tell you about the importance of SPF cream. Therefore, immediately stock up on them before your journey begins.

We wish you an easy and carefree trip to Portugal. Don’t forget to buy a magnet or any other keepsake. Go to Google maps to mark important points of your route in advance.

After all, the trip should leave only positive emotions, and you should not regret that you missed something from the sights or establishments.

Until next time, my wonderful friends!

The Man of Wonders in Lisbon, Portugal
The Man of Wonders in Lisbon, Portugal