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Six Fun Things to Do in Christchurch at Night

 If you’re considering heading to the largest city of New Zealand’s South Island, you won’t be short of things to do during the day or at night. Here are six of the most fun things you can do in Christchurch after the sun has gone down.

Deluxe Cinema

While globetrotters can catch a movie at a cinema in any city, in Christchurch you can do it in style. The Deluxe Cinema at the Tannery shows some of the best independent films around. But what makes the cinema really stand out is its massive and massively-comfortable seats and its delicious gourmet cheese platters, rolled ice creams, and craft beers.

Christchurch Casino

Located in the heart of Christchurch city is the glamorous Christchurch Casino. It has been entertaining gamers since it opened in 1994, and today it operates around five hundred slot machines and thirty-four table games. You can play traditional casino games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette as well as several varieties of poker, including Texas Hold ‘Em, Caribbean Stud, and Three Card Poker. Christchurch Casino also hosts the New Zealand Poker Championships. There’s even a VIP gaming lounge called Club Aspinall, but entry is by invitation only. If you love playing games at an online casino in NZ, you’re sure to enjoy playing your favorite games in person at this nighttime hotspot. But even if casino games aren’t really your thing, you can still enjoy dining at one of Christchurch Casino’s three restaurants or hanging out at one of its two sophisticated bars.

Tramway Restaurant

If you’re looking for somewhere a little different to enjoy a gourmet meal, check out the Tramway Restaurant. Dining at this restaurant is also a fantastic way to see the many attractions that Christchurch has to offer because, you’ve guessed it, the Tramway Restaurant is actually aboard a moving tram. That means you can enjoy a fancy meal and a glass of locally-produced wine while sightseeing. The dining tram itself is in the old colonial style. It seats thirty-six people, is fully air-conditioned, and has some of the finest service and cuisine in all of Christchurch. The ride lasts two and a half hours, beginning and ending at Cathedral Junction. For a unique dining experience that you’ll never forget, grab a ticket for the Tramway Restaurant.

Christchurch Art Gallery

To soak up some culture on a Wednesday evening, do a nighttime tour at the prestigious Christchurch Art Gallery. It houses its own substantial collection and also hosts national and international exhibitions. The Wednesday night tour is completely free and lasts for around forty-five minutes. The gallery is open until nine pm. Art lovers are sure to enjoy exploring the gallery’s expansive collection of artworks, and doing it at night allows for a more intimate viewing.

Smash Palace

Christchurch is home to many lively bars offering craft beers or cool cocktails. But the hippest joint in the city is surely Smash Palace. The downcycled ramshackle beer garden features old garage signs, an edible garden, and even a psychedelic school bus. If you want an intimate night amongst trendy hipsters in a feast-for-your-eyes setting, Smash Palace is the place to go. In addition to some fantastic craft beers, the smashing Smash Palace also has some exquisite homemade burgers on the menu.

The Court Theatre

There are several excellent theatres in Christchurch, but for local plays and comedy, check out the fabulous Court Theatre. It’s New Zealand’s largest theatre company and is most well-known for hosting the long-running Scared Scriptless improvised comedy sketch show, where literally anything can happen. You can catch the live improv shows every Friday and Saturday night, and you are guaranteed to laugh from beginning to end.