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Sri Lanka Wildlife Itinerary: Experience Wildlife of Sri Lanka in 10 Days

Traveling the world is incredibly exciting. There are so many wonders and so many natural landscapes in every corner of the planet that can simply leave you speechless. One way to see the world from a new perspective, whether you’re new to traveling, or have worn out your suitcase beyond recognition, is the take a wildlife holiday.

Wildlife holidays are completely focused on immersing yourself into the habitat of various animals, plants, birds, insects, you name it! There are some that focus primarily on the whales and fish of the sea, while others are all about elephants, or singular species.

Some, however, offer a little bit of everything.

That’s what you get when you set off on a wildlife holiday in Sri Lanka. Spend ten days in search of some of the most majestic animals on the planet. Experience the salty air of the sea as you whale watch from Mirissa. Hike into the Yala National Parks in search of the infamous leopards of the area.

This wildlife holiday has everything from water buffalo, to crocodiles, and so many other species! Your exciting vacation is waiting for you to explore the wonders of Sri Lanka!

Wildlife of Sri Lanka: What to Expect

The most important parts of your trip will take place before you even leave the comfort of your home. There are lots of things to do before an international flight, but the most important would be to get yourself ready. Not only will you be completely immersed in the wildlife holiday, but you’ll be experiencing different cultures and environments as well! So make sure you have everything you need.

Booking a holiday that includes your hotels and meals is essential to making the most out of your wildlife vacation. Planning ahead for your travels, you should know where you’re going, what kind of weather you’ll experience, and what kind of facilities your hotel will have.

You can also plan ahead by making eco-friendly choices like bringing a water bottle, packing a bamboo toothbrush, and making sure all of your gear is reusable and compostable. You’ll be viewing the wonders of nature up close, so by making environmentally sound choices in your preparations, you’ll be helping out the planet you’re about to explore!

Planning ahead can help with making an excellent packing list and begin your holiday off on the right foot! There’s no better way to do that than to book your trip with a well-known and respected tour company. That way you don’t have to worry about flights, hotels, or where the nearest restaurants are, you can just enjoy being a part of nature! 

Wildlife of Sri Lanka: Blue Whales and Leopards

This ten-day journey in Sri Lanka will let you observe blue whales in their natural habitat. Then, make your way across this inspiring tropical island in search of leopards. You’ll see so many other species as well!

  • Indian Elephants
  • Water Buffalo
  • Spotted Deer
  • Sambar
  • Crocodiles
  • Giant Water monitors
  • Many species of butterfly
  • And lots of various bird species!

Your exciting trip awaits you! Booking with wildlife and travel experts like at Naturetrek Wildlife Holidays will not only let you see some of the most exotic wildlife in Sri Lanka, but will also give you the holiday of your dreams!

Let’s take a look at what this ten-day trip has to offer! 

Wildlife of Sri Lanka Tour: Part One

Starting off in London, you’ll travel to the bustling capital city of Colombo, Sri Lanka! You’ll then make your way south toward Mirissa. The spectacular views of the Indian Ocean and miles of rice paddies and palm trees, will leave you breathless!

You’ll stay four nights in an exquisite resort hotel while you spend the first part of your trip in search of blue whales!

Every morning you will awaken to the beautiful accommodations, then make your way to a nearby port where you will board your whale-watching ship! Set sail for these amazing four hour excursions into the ocean to observe these amazing wild whales.

Not only that, but you’ll also get to see other bird species, as well as bottlenose, Striped, Spinner, and Pantropical Spotted dolphins!

Traveling between the months of November and April will be the best time to see these majestic creatures’ migration through the Indian Ocean. There are many wonders to be found and experienced in Sri Lanka, and observing this annual splendor is certainly one of them! Wild animals are not predictable, but be ready to see as many as ten whales during your journey!

Wildlife of Sri Lanka Tour: Part Two

After spending several days and nights watching these awe-inspiring, 100 ton creatures soar through the seas, you will make your way towards the Yala National Park. Home to thousands of curious creatures, the Yala National park is also home to the beautiful big cats, Leopards!

You’ll first get acquainted with the extremely comfortable hotel you’ll be staying at for the last few nights of your exciting holiday. It’s located just outside of the national park, so your daily commute will be short. Once inside, you’ll follow your knowledgeable tour guide into the beautiful tropical reserve.

Here you can observe the graceful Indian Elephants as they roam freely. You can watch the wild boar play and eat and fight with one another. You can see Spotted Deer, mongooses, and crocodiles as they live and breathe in their natural surroundings! You’ll drive in open jeeps for full-day drives until you see Leopards aplenty!

Whether they are leisurely resting from the low hanging branch of a nearby tree, or crouching down before it makes a kill, seeing a Leopard in the wild will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life!

Your final days will be spent in a resort where you’ll be searching for wildlife, but they may just come find you! As the national park has no fences, there may be an elephant there to wake you in the morning!

Wildife of Sri Lank Tour: Part Three

The final leg of your journey will take you back to the capital city of Colombo, then on to London. However, if you loved your holiday spending so much time with mother nature, then pack up your eco-friendly travel gear, and your green toiletries from the hotel, and extend your trip a few more days!

Spend three more days in the Sinharaja Forest Reserve to see the island’s indigenous bird species. You can explore the habitats of spectacular species like:

  • Blue Magpie
  • Red-Faced Malkoha
  • Orange-Billed Babbler
  • And so many more!

Not only can you see all these beautiful creatures, but 60% of the trees found on the reserve cannot be found anywhere else in the world! This unbelievably rare forest reserve is even a recognized World Heritage Site! Dive head first into the beautiful forest country and enjoy some of the most amazing sites you’ll ever see!

Your Sri Lanka Wildlife Experience Will Change Your LIFE!

This isn’t just a holiday to observe wildlife in their natural habitats. This is a holiday where you will fully and completely immerse yourself into the daily lives of the plants and birds and animals of Sri Lanka.

You’ll see an extraordinary range of amazing creatures, you’ll travel across the world, and you’ll have an experience that can open your eyes to all the wonders natures provides!