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The 7 Best Places to See in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the most attractive African countries. Blessed with numerous natural wonders, such as waterfalls, rain forests, rock formations, savannah, and others, Nigeria is one of the must-visit places on the African continent. 

Water sports lovers, nature adventurers, thrill-seekers, and history enthusiasts would undoubtedly enjoy everything Nigeria has to offer. Many regions have unique attractions, untouched by human hand, so the beauty is immeasurable. 

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The 7 Best Places to See in Nigeria

Among the many great places to see in Nigeria, the following are a few of the best ones:

The 7 Best Places to See in Nigeria #01: The Lekki Conservation Centre

Located in the capital Lagos, this is one of the best reserves to see in the country. Enjoy the fresh air and find inner peace in this beautiful nature reserve. 

Scenic and rich in biodiversity, this center is a paradise for the eyes of every visitor. 

The 7 Best Places to See in Nigeria #02: Agbokim Waterfalls 

These lovely waterfalls are comprised of seven impressive cascades that stretch to almost seven kilometers. 

Lush green vegetation and many unique bird species surround the waterfalls, making it one of the best places to see in Nigeria. It is an ideal place to go on a picnic, relaxing walk, family holiday, or just for clearing your mind.

The 7 Best Places to See in Nigeria #03: Kajuru Castle

History enthusiasts should go to the Kaduna State to see the Kajuru Castle, a luxury villa build a few decades ago. The castle has several dungeons, towers, and large walls. The medieval theme is powerful in this castle, with gates closing vertically, together with crocodile pits. 

There is a guest tower for tourists, a knights hall, and a landlord residence. A nice outdoor swimming pool is there for everyone interested in summer fun. From the castle, you can also enjoy some spectacular views of the nearby mountains. 

The 7 Best Places to See in Nigeria #04: Obudu Mountain Resort 

This is a lovely tourist spot, close to the border with Cameroon. The landscape is scenic and calming, with many attractive valleys, hills, and peaks. 

The resort is open throughout the whole year, so visit it and explore many exciting things. 

The 7 Best Places to See in Nigeria #05: Tarkwa Bay Beach 

This is a lovely beach frequented by water-sport lovers, swimmers, and other people seeking summer fun.

Despite being popular, it is not crowded or noisy, but an excellent place for spending a romantic time with your partner or having fun with friends. 

The 7 Best Places to See in Nigeria #06: Yankari Game Reserve

Located in the Bauchi State, this game reserve is one of the biggest reserves in the country. There are numerous activities available for visitors, such as going on guided safari tours or exploration of tropical forests. 

There are many friendly animals to see, such as elephants, antelopes, olive baboons, monkeys, and more. 

The 7 Best Places to See in Nigeria #07: Zuma Rock 

A trendy tourist attraction, Zuma Rock is located in the Niger State. This monolithic Inselberg has an impressive large shape with a human face. 

Visiting this place during the rainy season (April-October) is the best because you can see the fantastic Zuma Rock Fire in that period. Zuma Rock Fire appears when there is heavy rainfall on the rock’s top, creating a spectacular sight. 

Final Words

Nigeria waits for you to discover it! Plan your journey to see as much as possible, pack your bags, and explore this wonderful country!