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The 8 Best Luxury Hotels in the Middle East

People are looking for a different type of hotel when they visit the Middle East that offers an environmentally friendly and sustainable experience. The hotel industry in the Middle East is growing quickly and a large number of hotels are striving to be eco-friendly and sustainable.

The Middle East is known for its resorts, amusement parks, safaris, sports, and many fascinating events. Environments provide a great opportunity for hotels in the Middle East to implement a sustainable and eco-friendly approach when it comes to daily operations.

1. Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort Spa  

Al Maha is situated in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It provides a luxurious and a luxurious experience. There are many terraces and swimming pools on offer here. The rooms are furnished with furniture that has been designed according to the Arabian style.

The hotel also offers various spa treatments including traditional Arabic and innovative treatments for your body and mind. The hotel also offers the best in accommodation and a private beach club. There are also a variety of water sports here. There are many restaurants on offer here and the food is fresh and tasty.

2. Alila Jabal Akhdar  

Alila Jabal Akhdar is situated in Lebanon. This hotel provides a superb view of the Akhdar Mountains. All the guestrooms have a panoramic view of the mountains and have been equipped with facilities that will ensure a comfortable stay. The rooms at the hotel are well furnished according to local Lebanese design and decor.

Alila Jabal Akhdar also has an outdoor pool where you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing and reading. The lobby at the hotel has a very luxurious feel to it and the lobby itself is surrounded by many stylish shops. There are many dining options here in Jabal Akhdar.

3. Taziry Eco-villages  

Taziry Eco-villages is located in Bahrain. The eco-resorts at Taziry provide a nice and relaxing experience. This hotel provides a great opportunity for visitors to the area to enjoy an authentic Arabic and traditional experience.

You can discover the Arabian culture and enjoy a wonderful vacation. You can also enjoy a range of activities including fishing, cycling, horse riding and many other fun activities. The rooms at the hotel are nicely furnished and are surrounded by a vast array of birds and plants. This hotel also provides a number of restaurants on offer.

4. Qasr Al Sarab by Anantara  

Qasr Al Sarab by Anantara is situated in Oman. This hotel provides a relaxing and luxurious environment and has been designed with an Arabian touch. There are many dining options on offer here including Lebanese, Indian, and Italian cuisines.

The rooms are equipped with all the modern facilities that you will need during your stay. The suites have been equipped to provide a romantic atmosphere for couples staying here. There is also a bar on offer at the hotel where you can enjoy dining and enjoy some drinks or even dance the night away.

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5. Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas  

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi and provides a luxurious stay for its visitors. The rooms have been nicely furnished according to Arabic designs and decor. The hotel also provides some of the best leisure facilities. There are a number of restaurants on offer here including fine dining, casual restaurants and a buffet.

You can enjoy various sports at the hotel including tennis and golf. Visitors can enjoy a massage at the hotel spa. There are also many activities to seek out during your stay at the hotel including horse riding, sailing and many others.

6. Feynan Ecolodge  

Feynan Ecolodge is located in the UAE and provides a stunning view of the city. The hotel has been furnished with authentic Arabian furniture and fittings. There are a number of areas that you can enjoy in the hotel including a restaurant, lounges and coffee shops. Some of the common activities that can be enjoyed include yoga, meditation and many others.

The bungalows at the hotel have been beautifully decorated to provide a homely feel to them. There are also many swimming pools on offer here and they also serve as a great place to relax. You can have fun here in many ways including swimming, sunbathing, playing tennis or enjoying snorkelling.

7. Eastern Mangroves Hotel  

Eastern Mangroves Hotel is situated in Abu Dhabi and provides a luxurious experience. The hotel is a beachfront hotel, so the beach road is just a stone’s throw from the hotel. The hotel has been furnished according to an Arabian style and modern design and provides a superb relaxation area for its guests. There are many dining options on offer here including seafood restaurants, various cuisines, salads, bars and a restaurant. There is also a swimming pool on offer at the hotel which offers guests an opportunity to have fun in the water or simply relax in the sun and shade.

8. Kempinski Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa  

Kempinski Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa is situated in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The hotel provides a luxurious stay with modern facilities and amenities. The rooms at the hotel are furnished with Arabian-inspired furniture and fittings to provide a homely feel. You can enjoy many activities here including horse riding or even cycling or even fishing. There are also many dining options on offer here such as live cooking stations, casual bars, restaurants, buffet restaurants and pool restaurants. There is also a spa on offer at the hotel where you can go for various spa treatments for your body and mind.

The above hotels all provide a wonderful stay for visitors who are looking for a taste of Middle Eastern hospitality and culture. Most of these coastal resorts have private beaches or at least their own beach clubs where you can relax and enjoy yourself. There are many restaurants on offer here and they serve food from a variety of cuisines including Lebanese, Indian and Italian.

Hotel booking in UAE has become a great way to get a luxurious hotel room at a reasonable price. The rooms at all the hotels have been furnished according to the local Arabic style but most of them have been equipped with modern facilities that ensure your comfort and convenience throughout your stay.