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The Best Places to Propose

If you’re getting ready to get down on one knee and ask one of the most momentous questions of your life, congratulations! You’ve made a huge decision and are about to write a story you’ll be telling for years to come.

So after you choose the perfect diamond engagement ring, it’s time to choose the perfect setting for your proposal. You might consider wrapping the event up with another once-in-a-lifetime experience: a trip to one of the most beautiful places in the world to be the location for your love story.

Top 5 Places to Propose

1.    Bow Bridge, New York City

If you or your sweetheart is a film buff, there’s no better location than the Bow Bridge. Featured in countless romantic flicks over the years, the Bow Bridge notably isn’t the Empire State building—and may, therefore, be much less crowded while still serving up that classic New York feel. Proposing in the center of that bridge is a way to connect your love story to the great ones you’ve enjoyed on film.

2.    Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

The greenest backdrop in the world exists draped over the rolling Irish countryside. A whimsical, less crowded option, the Cliffs of Moher present a gorgeous ocean view, rustic castles nearby, and all the pubs in Ireland to help you toast to your future. At a towering 214 meters above sea level, the Cliffs’ drama will inject an experiential thrill into your proposal that neither of you will ever forget.

3.    Kauai, Hawaii

Sunsets painted over the sea are never brighter or more colorful than in Hawaii. Kaua offers a range of activities such as bike riding, scuba diving, swimming along the coast, and helicopter rides—all of which could present a unique opportunity to pop the question.

4.    Lake of Love, Bruges

Bruges itself is a small town straight out of a fairytale; walking along its cobblestone paths instantly relaxes you, making it a good choice for those who might be a little nervous.

At the Lake of Love—itself imbued with legends of sprites and lovelorn ladies—you’ll find a bridge. Those who kiss on the bridge are rumored to love each other forever, so, after you propose, be sure to take a moment to embrace your brand new fiancé.

5.    Disneyworld, Florida

Disneyworld, the “Happiest Place on Earth” is one of the most popular proposal locations in the world. In short, you can’t go wrong with a Disneyworld proposal.

It is a fantastic choice for those who love stories as much as they love each other. If your fiance loves Disney or a Disney film has a place in your heart, the park features pretty much every aspect of the Disney Universe, so you’re free to choose a spot that means the most to you!

Final Thoughts

No matter where you propose, it’s sure to be a happy memory for many years to come. However, it can’t hurt to make sure that every detail about your special day is as perfect and that includes choosing the perfect setting. Let the love of your life be your inspiration as you choose the location of the biggest question you’ll ever be asking!