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The Top 5 World’s Most Gorgeous Islands to Visit on a Cruise

Islands are the bliss of paradise; an escape from our busy, stressful lives, and the perfect getaway for relaxation under the palm shadows with a gaze towards the blue sea. However, not all islands are the same. 

Some of them are captivating with their crystalline clarity and coral reefs, while others are defined by the velvety peaks and luxuriant jungles.

Whether it is enchanting beaches or stunning landscapes, the islands below are far from our everyday lives. You’ll be stunned away by their beauty and the perks they offer to their visitors.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most gorgeous islands you can visit on a cruise. Let’s check them out!

The Top 5 World’s Most Gorgeous Islands to Visit #01: Galapagos

A visit to Galapagos is a unique and singular experience, full of an abundance of breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders. Tourists often seek quiet relaxation on these islands, however, some of them are in the mood for active exploration. The Galapagos archipelago consists of 17,000 small and scattered islands, each with unique beauty.

Most of the islands are uninhabited and untouched by human presence, thus are only available via small boat tours. Furthermore, you can connect with the origins of evolution since Charles Darwin himself spent a couple of weeks on the Galapagos Islands and it was here that he established the basis of his masterpiece “The Origin of Species”.

The perfect Galapagos islands vacation is the embodiment of underwater delights, with activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, gazing at the wildlife, and enjoying the serene white-sandy beaches.

The Top 5 World’s Most Gorgeous Islands to Visit #02: Maldives

The Maldives is the home to the most beautiful and ravishing islands. They are the home to dazzling white shores, crystal clear waters, and flourishing coral reefs. Snorkelers around the world lure into the diving divine of waters and explore the indisputable beauty of the Maldives.

A visit to the Maldives is worth the money. It provides exclusive tranquility that you can enjoy with your other half or with your family. Imagine waking up in the Maldives, surrounded by the azure blue sea and the swaying palm trees – a dream come true.

While the Maldives are the main story, a trip to the island is not complete without enjoying the rich marine life. The Maldives are famous for the snorkeling locations and the private house reefs resorts.

The Top 5 World’s Most Gorgeous Islands to Visit #03: The Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the best Caribbean islands in the world. And one of the most beautiful too! The Bahamas is a chain of islands along the Atlantic, north of Cuba. There are more than 700 islands on the archipelago and you can retrace the pirates’ steps in Nassau, the capital city. With over 2000 beaches, you can see all kinds of coral reefs, marine life, and blue sky hues.

Food is the main tourist attraction in the Bahamas. Most restaurants specialize in fresh seafood meals and specialties, so if you are a fan of rock lobster, octopus, or shrimps, the Bahamas is the ultimate food paradise.

And if you are more of an adventurous type of person, you can discover Mount Alvernia at its highest hill. The grey stone monastery was built by a Roman Catholic priest in the 20th century, so you can take a hiking stroll along the scenic views.

The Top 5 World’s Most Gorgeous Islands to Visit #04: Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a paradise in French Polynesia, a giant sombrero-shaped island that is the fantasy of many tourists. The main beauty of the island lies within the turquoise waters and ravishing lagoons.

You will see many sharks, fishes, turtles, and manta rays swimming in the crystal clear waters while enjoying the views of the surrounding reefs.

The Top 5 World’s Most Gorgeous Islands to Visit #05: Jamaica

Jamaica is known for its colorful culture, mesmerizing beaches, and crystal clear waters. The island country is home to the most beautiful beaches and the birthplace of reggae. The music is constantly present in their everyday lives, so you can hear it in the bars, restaurants, beaches, and street food stalls.

Also, Jamaica is the home of a unique cooking style known as a jerk. It involves chunks of seafood and meat, spliced and cooked in scotch bonnet marinade, and smoked over hot coals. 

Why not venture out to the Martha Brae River, the true gem of Jamaica, running through the center of the island. The best way to explore it is via a raft tour.

A unique way to experience Jamaica is to visit the Luminous Lagoon that’s undetectable during the day and glowing during the night. You can take a boat tour from your hotel and watch the water light up with blue bioluminescence as you stroll along the shoreline. 

One of the most popular vacation destinations in Montego Bay, so make sure you visit it as well!

Choose Your Island!

We’ve put together this list of the best vacation islands worldwide to help you narrow down your choices and choose the one that fits your needs. For more information about vacation, famous destinations, and tips about traveling, check our blog.

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