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Tips for Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

Do you feel like adventuring yourself? Do you like to take risks? Keep reading, this is absolutely for you!

When it comes to adventure I know once you try it you more want it and sometimes it becomes an addiction… a good one! This time we´ll go to Africa, specifically landing in the Kilimanjaro area, Tanzania to start this crazy journey.

Located in the north east of Tanzania and composed by three inactive volcanos, the Mount Kilimanjaro has the highest peak of whole Africa, which is the Uhuru with 5891,8 meters.

Ready? Before grab your backpack and taking a flight straight to Tanzania be sure to read this Kilimanjaro climbing guide my wonder friends!

Things to know for hiking Mount Kilimanjaro #01: Get fit

Hit the gym and work out: Besides having a valid passport, visa and a flight ticket you have to know that training will be your best tool to climb the Kilimanjaro. Don’t worry if you are not a fitness winner, it is enough with three to five days per week during four months of cardio and resistance exercises.

You can try walks along earthenware roads carrying some weight which I recommend to increase as long as you feel stronger. Remember that you’ll need to build muscle and manage your strength.

Things to know for hiking Mount Kilimanjaro #02: Buy the proper gear

Don´t over think it, you cannot roll it nude, buy your clothes! : Footwear, the most important gear. Buy a resistant and waterproof pair of boots, try them on and be sure they fit you well, so jump, kick, stretch, get down and why not… dance to prove they are the perfect ones to trek.

Then find a nice jacket cause during your scaling, cold can be tough, I like practicality so I would buy one with too much pockets to hide my snacks of course (we’ll talk about it later). Get a hat that allow you ventilate your head and cover your face from the sun, there are also many with eye protection to avoid the dust, chose it.

Things to know for hiking Mount Kilimanjaro #03: Pick a route

There are so many routes to climb the mountain but it depends on how long you want it to last and your experience acquired. Of course before you start climbing you need to register on the Kilimanjaro National Park .

The most popular is the Marangu route (6 days and 79 kms) which is the simplest, along the way you can find places to sleep comfy enough and the basic thing…food. If you prefer the magic of views, take the Machame route (7 days and 56 kms) but you gotta have a little bit more experience but I’m sure it worth it cause you might have the chance to visit the Lava Tower, by the way bring your tent this is an all wild way.

Finally if going slow is what you like, chose the Lemosho route (8 days and 65 kms)and take your time to enjoy the different landscapes you’ll find, this route can be very excited specially when you know you can find wild animals on the way, that’s why a tour guide is required if you don’t wanna be someone else’s food.

Anyway all the routes can be a good choice when you are adventurous but I still recommend you to hire a tour company, such as Mohji, to guide your steps.

Things to know for hiking Mount Kilimanjaro #04:

Grab your tools: When you put yourself in a wild zone you have to be prepared to anything so I’ll list the tools and accessories I recommend you to take:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Camping backpack with waterproof case
  • A water purifier bottle so you can fill it from the rivers
  • Sunglasses
  • Walking sticks

So now you got the basics to scale the Mount Kilimanjaro I hope you are excited just like me to go climbing, I must say that traveling to Africa will be always crazy and fun, this continent has it all, nature, nice people and countries to blast your free spirit so don’t think twice and book your flight and adventure yourself!

Until next time everybody!