5 Tips to Take the Perfect Travel Selfie

Sami Reindeer Selfie
Selfie Bucketlist #08: Selfie with a Reindeer while wearing an honorary Sami hat

Yes, I know. Selfies ARE annoying, specially when taken in a dirty bathroom’s mirror but hear me out: What happens when you’re traveling alone and you’re unable to access a site with your tripod (yes, I do carry a tripod with me sometimes)? Sure, you can still take photos of the place itself and ask a kind stranger to take a photo of you…but it’s not the same type of photographic connection, you know what I mean?

Selfie Tip #01: It’s all about your face, yo!

For the average type of selfie, focus on your face and put the camera above you and as far as you can. Failure to do so will result in distorted images that will make you look fat even if you’re a size 0!

Waterfall Selfie
A very unique waterfall selfie

Selfie Tip #02: Pay attention to the background!

When you want to take travel selfies, put yourself in one of the sides and let the landscape be the main character. You don’t want your whole face to cover the Eiffel Tower, right?

But first let me take a selfie!!!
But first let me take a selfie!!!

Selfie Tip #03: Play with the angles!

If you want a more dramatic angle, place the camera below you and try to shoot a photo of you looking at something. Warning: This might take a few tries but the result will be worth it.

Underwater selfie!
Underwater selfie!

Selfie Tip #04: Be coolio, player!

You need to keep your cool no matter what. Yes, I’ve taken selfies while snorkeling in the deep blue waters of Mexico and I know friends who have even taken them while parachuting. Have confidence in yourself and take that perfect travel selfie!

Sami Reindeer Selfie
Selfie Bucketlist #08: Selfie with a Reindeer while wearing an honorary Sami hat

Selfie Tip #05: Just have fun.

Come on, nobody has ever won a photography award by taking selfies, just be yourself and enjoy the moment. And yes, DO make a crazy face please.

Interesting selfie photography skills, uh? What is your favorite type of selfie? Have you taken one in the bathroom’s mirror? How good do I look in these selfies? Should we ban the word selfie? Selfie Share your thoughts and let me know what you think!

5 Travel Tips for Taking a Selfie
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