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Tips for Using a Long-Haul Flight Productively as a Student of Counseling or Psychology

Long haul flights are great, because at the end of them you are going to be somewhere pretty exciting in most cases. However, nobody really enjoys the actual flight part. Cramped, eating terrible food, and with entertainment of variable quality, time spent in the air while traveling to a far-flung destination can feel like dead time.

If you are one of those lucky people who can sleep on a long-haul flight then that is usually the best plan, however for everyone else, the best thing to do is to have something productive you can do planned for the flight’s duration. In fact, if you are a student doing an online counseling degree or other similar psychology related program, long haul flights can actually be a great opportunity to both study, and chat to some people who may have some interesting stories to tell that may give you some new insights.

Get Everything Charged and Saved Before You Fly

Access to things like charging facilities and internet are highly variable on flights at the moment, so if you plan to study, make sure you bring your laptop, tablet and phone in your carry-on luggage and that these are all fully charged. Even this may not be enough to keep you able to study using them for the full flight, so having a fully charged secondary USB battery is also a good idea.

Save the things you want to read for your online counseling degree to all of your devices before you fly, too – do not count on being able to access the internet. It can also be helpful to bring some books related to your course or even print out some materials just in case you can’t use your devices at any point.

Plan Some Goals for The Flight

A long haul flight can be a solid 10-12 hour study marathon, but if you are just idly reading things for the sake of it then you won’t get as much out of it as if you set some goals. Do you want to complete a module? Revise everything for an upcoming exam? Write a paper?

By setting goals that are achievable in the time you have on the plane, you can really take advantage of this time when you are basically chained to your seat with nothing much else to distract you, and get a lot done!

Take Breaks – and Talk to People

You’ll quickly lose focus if you try and work solidly through the whole flight so break every hour or so. Rather than using this time to stare aimlessly into space, talk to the people sitting near you (if they seem up for it). You can meet lots of interesting people while traveling and this can help you broaden your mind in ways that will help you as a counselor later on. The more people you have encountered and heard stories from, the better! Tell them what you are studying and get their thoughts on it – people are often happy to chat to pass the time!

With the right strategies, a long haul flight can be a great study opportunity, so make sure you make yours as productive as you can!