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Travel Ideas That Will Keep Your Inspiration High

Planning your travel? Do not know where to go? Most travelers are bored of traditional tours and tourist destinations. If it’s the case of yours, check these non-trivial travel options.  

Travel for Inspiration: Ideas, How to Have Fun While Traveling?

People often travel in order to change their natural environment, get away from the routine stuff, recharge their energies, and get a portion of inspiration. If it is what you expect from your vacation, we have something special to share with you. 

In this post, you will find tailor-made itineraries that will bring your inspiration back to life. Pick the one that works best for you and enjoy your vacation at max!

#1 – Art Residences

It is a suitable destination for creative people and inspiration hunters. People go to art residences to see bright characters, communicate with authors of art projects, and feel an authentic atmosphere of creativity.

Art communes are considered some of the most promising tourist destinations today. Such spots are especially popular among people seeking creativity – from full immersion in a specific activity to complex programs with integration into several disciplines.

If you need a creative leap, check out the popular art programs.

#2 – Business Tours

The main goal of business tours is to go beyond the usual infospace and obtain up-to-date knowledge about business processes in large economic centers, such as New York, London, Singapore, Beijing, etc.

Despite the fact that business tours are a new product available in the recreation industry today, there are already ambitious projects on the market.

The best thing about business tours is that they recharge you, allow you to find the most non-trivial solutions, and integrate the best business practices into your life or work.

#3 – Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

Mindfulness is one of the most relevant global trends. Modern society is trying to implement the principles of mindfulness in all areas of life – from consumption habits to ways of organizing recreation.

That is why “conscious travel” or mindfulness retreats are especially in demand today. Such trips are aimed at restoring the emotional state with the help of meditative practices, working with consciousness and subconsciousness. Travels take place in picturesque corners: on the seashore or in the mountains.

These are the places where you can truly relax and disconnect from your worries. Typically, the retreat program consists of theoretical and practical parts: guests are introduced to the general principles of mindfulness and then are taught various meditation techniques. 

#4 – Places Where Famous Films Were Shoot

Most of us are fond of movies and TV shows, and everyone has their favorite films. So why not visit the places where the top scenes were filmed? Before the trip, you can watch the film again, marking the most notable places for yourself. For example, it can be a bench in the city of Savannah where Forrest Gump was sitting and telling his story.

Enjoy the most beautiful of the four main Hawaiian islands – Kauai, where Steven Spielberg’s famous blockbuster Jurassic Park was filmed. Or maybe you want to see the magic spots from the Lord of the Rings trilogy located in New Zealand. 

#5 – Places Depicted in Famous Literary Works

For even more inspirational travel destinations or exciting vacations, we recommend seeing different places depicted in the famous books. Wouldn’t it be cool to walk along the same streets of Paris along the Senna, which Ernest Hemingway so captivatingly describes in his novel The Holiday That Is Always With You?

It is worth visiting the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, which scared Stephen King himself and inspired him to write his blood-chilling novel The Shining. Books can provide an endless stream of ideas for the most discerning traveler. Novels, novellas, short stories, and even poems are ready to open up new experiences and emotions.

#6 – Routes Recommended by Bloggers & Travelers

Nowadays, there are just countless travel blogs on the Internet. And in this variety, you can easily find very interesting and non-trivial routes – for both a long trip and a 5-day vacation.

So if you have no idea where to lead to, just check fresh recommendations from bloggers, watch video guides or travel photography – and you will know what trip will bring you a pack of inspiration.

#7 – Places From Discovery or National Geographic Channels

This is another bottomless source of ideas for travel and inspiration hunters. There is always an opportunity to discover something new for yourself, get inspired by this knowledge, and sketch out the route of an exciting journey.

After watching TV channels dedicated to nature, animals, history, and adventure, the question of where to go will most probably disappear. The world is huge. Even if you travel all your life, there are still amazing places that will beckon you.

Have Fun While Traveling

It’s easy to have fun while traveling, even if you are on the trip or travel alone. Use your time profitably and enjoy your trip at max. Here is what you can do to have fun on the go.

#1 – Plan the Journey Ahead

While on the go, jot down a list of all the places you want to visit. Study the map and plan a route to the hotel at least. It would be great if you have a list of places that you want to go to and photograph.

You must admit that it is always good to bring some beautiful photographs from the trip. If it is the case of yours, here are some of the coolest photography ideas that will keep your inspiration high and will help you with the photography retouch.

Record happy moments from your tips even better – use Fotor or Pixlr to create artistic collages that you can then show to your nearest and dearest.

#2 – Read

It is one of the most popular road activities. The most convenient way is to take an e-book with you. It is light, easy to carry, and can accommodate many works. Of course, you can take a paper book as well if your luggage is not too heavy. Also, many magazines are sold at airports and train stations, so you can pick something for your liking. 

#3 – Shoot & Assemble a Video

There may be so many beautiful views and places that you want to imprint in memory and share with your relatives and friends. So do not be lazy to shoot the most picturesque spots and make a video.

Then you will be able to edit the video just as you wish – crop and cut video, add subtitles and captions, add different soundtracks, and many more. Use Movavi or OpenShot video and photo editing software to create a top-quality video that you will be proud to show. Are you aimed at posting your travel video to your YouTube channel and want to have it in the platform trends? Then we recommend that you consider the best video ideas from YouTube.

Final Say

Even if you are a seasoned traveler and believe in having seen just everything in the world, there is definitely something to surprise and inspire you.

Approach the selection of your travel destination and tour smartly. Check the options above – and you will get something to your liking.