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7 Travel Tips for First-Time Travelers

There are many amazing things in the world: cultures, peoples, sights, nature and much more. Everyone dreams of going abroad to discover something new. When going on your first trip, you need to prepare thoroughly.

In this article, we have collected travel tips to help you think about the most necessary things before your flight and tune in to your travel around the globe.

Make sure your passport has not expired

Before you start packing, buying plane tickets, and booking a hotel, you need to make sure that your passport has not expired. In order to travel, it is necessary that your passport does not expire upon arrival in the country. To get started, check with your tour operator or read the information on the Internet about the validity conditions of your passport because they are different for each country.

Before leaving, be sure to make a copy of your passport. Do not take your original passport when you are in the city to avoid theft. It is best to leave your passport in the hotel safe and carry a copy.

Passport stamps
Passport stamps

Decide on your first overseas destination

Surely you have the top countries you want to visit. You should think about where you would like to go first and determine the size of your budget. There are tons of travel blogs on YouTube where people share their travel tips, talk about how expensive this or that country is. If you do not know where to fly, then find the best travel destinations and make your choice.

Decide on the purpose of your trip. Answer the following questions, and you can make your choice faster:

  • How do you prefer your vacation: doing something active or just sunbathing on the beach?
  • Do you enjoy exploring architectural buildings and iconic landmarks?
  • Do you want to plunge into a new culture or will you be more comfortable where people have a similar mentality?
  • What level of comfort for your stay do you prefer?
  • Do you like peace and quiet, or do you prefer the hustle and bustle of life?

After thinking about these topics, you can decide on the country that is suitable for your first trip. Also, you should pay attention to how long you will have to fly by plane. If you have chosen a distant country, such as New Zealand or Brazil, then you need to think about how to survive a long flight.

If you want to travel to a country where English is not the official language, then you need to learn a foreign language to communicate with the local population. It will be enough to learn a basic set of phrases so as not to face misunderstanding.

For convenience, install educational applications on your phone and, by completing short daily tasks, you can learn to understand what people are talking about in a couple of weeks, and you can easily answer them.

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Obtaining a visa

After you have decided on the country, you should check the information whether you need to obtain a visa to enter. For American citizens in many countries, you do not need to obtain a visa, read the information on how many days you can stay without a visa in a particular country.

This is important because you can plan your whole trip, and upon arrival at the airport, you will be denied boarding, and you will lose all the money you have already spent on tickets and hotel reservations.

Pack your things

To begin with, it is worth saying that you do not try to cram your wardrobe into a small suitcase, try to take practical things that can be worn on different occasions.

If you don’t know what to pack, then read the ultimate packing list guide. You will be able to understand what things are really necessary instead of a bunch of beautiful outfits that you will wear a couple of times.

Another important point will be to study the weather conditions of the country to which you are going to fly. To do this, you need to check local websites to understand what the temperature will be during your vacation.

Equipment for shooting

Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture every moment of your first trip. You will also need to pack photo gear: lenses, tripod, memory cards, external hard drive, and flash.

As you travel, you will photograph or record a wide variety of locations in different weather and lighting conditions. That is why you need to read travel photography tips to take only the most necessary equipment to get beautiful and high-quality shots.

When you arrive home if you would like to create a travel video to tell your family or friends about your first overseas trip, use video-making tools, which will help you create a movie of your trip from many short videos and photos.

Camera Lenses for Travel Blogging
Camera Lenses for Travel Blogging

Money for travel

In order to save money on travel, you need to research in advance the options for accommodation, places where you can eat on a budget and which transport will be cheaper to move around.

Remember that establishments that are located on the main overcrowded streets often overcharge prices for food and meals. Find places that are a little further away from large crowds, and you can enjoy an inexpensive dinner in a quiet and pleasant environment.

Also in all countries, the prices for transport differ. In one country, it will be cheaper to use public transport rather than a taxi, and in another country, a taxi can be much cheaper.

Book a hotel room, buy roundtrip tickets and rent a car before arrival

Another good way to save money is to book a hotel room, buy air tickets, and rent a car before you arrive in your destination country.

If you are organizing a trip not at the last moment, but several months in advance, then you can rent and book everything you need at a reduced price, as well as receive discounts.


Before the flight, you may become worried, and you may forget to do something important and pack the necessary things. When going abroad for the first time, you need to thoroughly prepare.

It is best to start planning your trip several months in advance to save money on flights and accommodation reservations. We hope your first trip will be successful!

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