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Other Ways to Travel for Free (and Even Get Paid!)

In a previous article, I’ve talked about the do’s and don’ts of sponsored travel. Getting paid to travel the world and write, take pictures, or make videos about the experience is about as good as any job can be, especially if you are really passionate about traveling. There are plenty of opportunities to earn sponsored trips too, even when you are relatively new to it.

Travel blogging, however, is not the only way you can get paid to travel. There are other ways you can see the world on paid trips. We are going to take a closer look at some of them in this article.

Become a Guide

Becoming a guide may be the oldest trick in the book on how to get paid to travel, but it is a trick that works nonetheless. If you know some destinations inside out, you can actually travel more by leading tours around those destinations. The opportunity is even more lucrative if you love socializing, especially since you can make a good living out of it.

There is a high demand for good travel guides, so there is an opportunity for you regardless of the destinations you know well. You can take a group of tourists to destinations in Europe, the United States, and even Asia. There are also sites like Intrepid Travel and companies that constantly search for English-speaking tour guides.

If becoming a travel guide is not for you, there is also a high demand for travel photographers and videographers. You basically document others’ trips, letting them enjoy the best travel experience while you worry about capturing their best moments along the way.

Do Volunteer Work

Another great way to travel the world and do good at the same time is by volunteering. Many non-profit organizations are seeking volunteers to tackle a wide range of issues in different parts of the world. If you love children, for instance, you can volunteer to work at children’s education centers in parts of Asia. You still get the chance to explore nearby attractions and you will be contributing to the local communities while you are there.

A friend of mine actually went to Indonesia to work on a public health project. It was part of the master of public health program at the University of Arizona and it allows him to directly implement the things he studied. The experience was valuable not only to his online MPH degree but also his future career. Plus, he was able to explore amazing places such as Flores and Raja Ampat while he was there.


A program that is increasingly popular is WWOOF. The program, known as World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms or Willing Workers on Organic Farms, facilitates extended stays on organic farms around the world. In exchange for the free stay and other amenities, you get to work on the farm of your choice.

Similar to doing volunteer work, there is still plenty of time to explore the destination area. The program also covers dozens of countries and is growing rapidly. It is a great way to earn experience and travel the world while earning some money in the process.