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Why Choose Thailand as a Vacation Spot?

The volume of tourism in Thailand has always shocked the world. Upon the country’s massive investments in marketing Thailand as a desirable vacation spot, the value of a house for sale sea view in Thailand has improved tremendously. The same can be said of the tourism market.

At least 39 million people visited Thailand pre-covid in the year 2019. Each visitor was estimated to have spent a minimum of $1,612, while some high spenders hit over a hundred thousand dollars per visit. However, these statistics received a decline towards the end of the year, with the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, and have been slow ever since. In 2022, the figures barely rose to about ten million, but that is a strong recovery rate compared to many other tourist countries. It is expected to increase tremendously in the future.

Why is it an Excellent Time to Purchase in Thailand?

Investing in real estate entails knowing when the chips are down and purchasing those chips because, in a stable market, it will undoubtedly rise. Those who bought properties in the heat of Covid 19 when the market was at a standstill benefited from the panic sales and gained more value than those purchasing this year.

Save the occurrence of any other unfortunate event; the Thailand property market is set for another increase by the end of 2023 and for the next few years.

This indicates that if you have an eye on Thailand, the best time to buy is right now because it will only get better, at least for the next five years, and as such, it will only cost more. To check out available and affordable listings, please read more on the official website Thailand-Real.Estate.

Tonsai beach in Krabi South Thailand
Tonsai beach in Krabi South Thailand

Reasons Why Thailand is a Vacation Hot-Spot

The Weather is Friendly

The weather in Thailand is one of its major selling points for ex-pats. Compared to Iceland and some western states such as Canada and many parts of the United Kingdom, Thailand is heavenly warm and friendly – not hot either. It is warm most of the year, with a little bit of rainfall in rainy seasons.

The temperature fluctuates between 13 degrees centigrade and 20 degrees centigrade in the central and southern parts of Thailand and between 35 and 32 degrees. The average temperature is at 24 degrees centigrade, which is remarkably comfortable to forget about the ice cold in the west.

If you like the cold, you must plan for air conditioning and evening beach hangouts to enjoy yourself in this hot city.

According to popular votes, the best time to visit Thailand is between November and February (the cool and dry season).

The Numerous Beaches

When the sun gets hot, and you cannot help your skin from crawling, you can have an ocean dive on one of the numerous beautiful beaches of Thailand. Each city is demarcated in a way that it has at least one beach area, which is another selling point.

Properties near the beaches are of higher value than those in the urban residential communities that are often overcrowded. Beach life gives room for cultivating livestock from the ocean and provides many recreational options for visitors.


Thailand is more affordable than many other locations in the west. Compared to its Asia tourism counterpart – Dubai, it is up to 20% cheaper.

You can get a range of properties from this country at pocket-friendly prices that attract people to invest in the country. You can get a fancy and straightforward property at an average of $120,000 and up to $260,000.

Cultural Relevance

Thailand also has cultural relevance, and historical sites where people can tour, feel the culture, and have an excellent time. As one of the most ancient countries and a nation that never suffered colonialism, the people are proud of their culture, and you can find a pure representation of this in the walls and halls of her cities.

The maddening delicacies, the Budha temples and religious centers of old, and the wildlife preservations are all amazing and attractive phenomena for visitors. People who tour for a holistic experience come to Thailand and never disappoint.

The Average cost of Real Estate in Thai Per Square Meter

In the latter part of 2022, the price of a property in Thailand at a per square meter basis was at about 240,000 Thai Baht, which converts in the parallel market to about $7,300.

There is no denying this is a terrific offer, especially for Europeans who may have to save all their lives to own some piece of land in their own countries.

The awesome beaches of Koh Tao South Thailand
The awesome beaches of Koh Tao South Thailand