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The Couples City Break: 5 Tips For A Romantic Vacation

Whether it’s a long weekend or a fortnight stay, the city break is very popular for couples. After all, attractions are often just a stone’s throw away while you also get to avoid testing journeys and other difficulties.

If you are planning a city break together, though, it’s vital that you build a trip that celebrates love and romance. Here are five top tips to do it in style.

Choose the Right Accommodation 

Accommodation choices are vital for any city break, especially as a couple. Some will prefer private holiday rentals like Airbnbs while others love a traditional hotel. Either way, you should focus heavily on the location and its proximity to the city’s attractions. This can help you avoid long and stressful journeys in public while also saving money in the long run.

Of course, you may want to upgrade to a room with a better view or superior facilities. A great ensuite, for example, can take a hotel stay to the next level.

Vacation in Disneyland
Vacation in Disneyland

Find the Best Places to Eat

You probably haven’t selected a city break destination solely to visit a specific eatery. Still, romantic meals in new and exciting destinations without the threat of bumping into friends is a wonderful thing. Finding top restaurants in Wilmington DE or any other city is pretty easy thanks to the internet. At least one meal should be enjoyed at a top venue.

However, cheap and cheerful meals can be great too. A walk enjoyed by a romantic setting with take-out food highlights this to perfection.

Take lots of photos

Vacations are the perfect opportunity to create magical memories with the person you love. Capturing them forever in photos will make it more romantic. Whether you have a digital SLR or use your smartphone, knowing how to take great couples’ holiday snaps is the goal. It will naturally encourage you both to seek out places with the most romantic backdrops too.

The photos can then be used on social media or turned into the perfect holiday souvenirs for your home. Either way, it ensures you’ll never forget the city or your adventures.

Book a Romantic Excursion

There will be plenty of attractions that you want to see. For example, visiting New York will probably result in a trip to Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, and a host of other places. However, booking horse carriage rides in NYC or a boat trip can truly make a difference. It’s a unique adventure that stands your trip, and relationship, out from the crowd.

Alternatively, if you are feeling stressed or tired, it can be a good time to book a couple’s spa treatment. It is another romantic moment that will give your city break something special.

Explore with Spontaneity

When your time in a city is limited, creating an itinerary that you can stick to is vital. However, there’s nothing more romantic than a spontaneous adventure. So, put your guides away and simply go and explore. Whether it’s exploring the shopping districts, the coastline, or a National Park doesn’t matter. This is a great way to see what your chosen city has to offer.

Embracing the local culture with the person you love is truly something that will stay with you forever.

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