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5 Tips for How to Start and Grow a Successful Travel Instagram Account:

The era of social media has spawned Instagram as a potent platform for avid travelers to exhibit their escapades to a global audience. Instagram has steadily grown from 110 million users in 2013 to reaching an estimated 2.4 billion by 2024. With such a massive user base, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses and influencers join the platform to reach their targeted audiences. 

Crafting a thriving travel Instagram account demands a blend of ingenuity, devotion, and tactical foresight. If you’re looking for guidance on your path toward Instagram success, we present thoughts from seasoned influencers in travel; they know well how to create fascinating content that holds attention. These ideas will assist you greatly if you are just beginning or want to improve your travel Instagram account.

Setting Up Your Travel Instagram Account

The first step to making a good travel Instagram account is setting it right. Choose a username that matches your travel theme and people can recall easily. Also, the profile picture needs to be top quality, showing your brand well. Make a bio that shares your specialty and what people who follow you will get from seeing your posts. Also, it’s very important to add a call to action in your bio like providing a link to a travel blog or asking readers to sign-up for a newsletter.

Making Sure Your Follower Base Grows Organically

When it comes to growing your followers on Instagram, using organic methods is a must. In essence, this can help you find followers who are truly interested in what you have to offer, including those with a strong love for traveling, adventure, and exploring new places. This boosts your total interaction rates and helps create an enduring community.

However, if you’re having trouble growing your audience, consider working with a growth agency such as Path Social, which provides organic methods to boost the number of followers to your IG profile. This will also help you gain an understanding of how well your content is doing and what needs improvement. As per the Path Social user opinions, having a good bio and profile setup can greatly affect how many followers you can attract and keep. This first impact is important for creating an attractive and professional appearance on Instagram. It can also help you see what kinds of posts work best and when is the right time to post your content. 

Engaging with Your Audience

You need more than just posting pretty photos to attract followers on Instagram; interaction is crucial. Reply to comments on your posts and talk with people who follow your account.  Express your gratitude for their support by liking and talking about their own posts. Also, having Q&A sessions and organizing polls or contests can help boost participation and promote a feeling of belonging.

Working together with other travel influencers can help you reach more people. Take part in Instagram takeovers and shoutouts, and consider joining companies that match your travel area of interest. These collaborations can provide valuable exposure and help you gain new followers who are interested in your content.

Utilizing Instagram Features Effectively

You can make use of many different features on IG to improve your content and expand its reach. Stories, Reels as well as Highlights are all strong features that help in connecting with your viewers through various methods. 

For example, you can utilize Stories to reveal moments from behind the scenes or give daily reports about what is happening around you. Reels, with their short, engaging format, can boost your visibility on the platform.

Highlights provide a way to permanently show your finest content on the profile. You can make Highlights for various travel places or topics so that new followers find it simpler to go through your content. If used cleverly, these features can assist in keeping the content lively and interesting. This may help hold onto current followers while also drawing in new ones.


To start and make a travel Instagram account grow, you need to be dedicated, creative, and plan strategically. By preparing your profile in the right way, making good content, interacting with viewers, and using Instagram’s tools well, you can create an engaging presence that shows what your trips are all about. Keep in mind that consistency is important; give it some time and hard work, and your travel Instagram account can turn into a motivator and knowledge hub for people who love to travel all over the globe, just like you.