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10 Best Heartbreak Songs of All Time

Heartbreaks are nasty. From crying, feeling hopeless, theatrics, and acting okay, it’s hard to get over. Most people often distract themselves to prevent feeling the pain.

The only way to get over a heartbreak is to feel the pain. It feels like you’ll never love again, but time is the perfect healer. Think about your past heartbreaks and how they don’t affect you much now.

You can try some remedies to ease the pain during the healing process. One popular technique for getting over a heartbreak is listening to heartbreak music.

This post explores ten heartbreak songs to overcome your recent breakup. From Taylor Swift to Pink to The Weeknd, these songs have healing remedies that modern medicine can’t explain.

What are you waiting for? Play that breakup Spotify playlist now!

1. Call Out My Name – The Weeknd

Off his album, ‘My Dear Melancholy,The Weeknd poured out his feelings in the song and turned it into a dark, smooth, and silky R&B tune. The song was the perfect release following his short love spell with Ariana Grande.

It digs deep into the sadness and pain someone feels during a breakup. It encapsulates the raw pain and aggression that’s bubbling under. Moreover, it completes itself with perfect rhyming and cadence to make up for a remarkable breakup tune to add to your catalog.

2. We Are Never Get Back Together – Taylor Swift

One standout breakup artist of our generation, Taylor Swift often doesn’t miss breakup songs. It’s a country girl moving to a big city and experiencing love for the first time, and disappointments best describe the theme.

‘We are never getting back together’ is a massive rant that lets out all frustrations and any thought of getting back. It’s more likely a diary-like entry and affirmation to keep things moving and not cry over spilled milk. It has an infectious hook that will have you singing at the top of your lungs.

3. I’d Rather Go Blind – Etta James

Let’s take a step back into the late ’60s when Soul Funk was rocking the airwaves and Etta James had just released his lead single off her Tell Mama album. It’s pure pain penmanship where she would rather go blind than watch her lover walk away.

She watched how her love talked to other girls and instantly knew she was losing him. That realization causes her pain, especially knowing how much she cares for him. Thrown in that painful thought over a basic chord progression and get a lush, melancholy, and heart-melting ballad for your current situation.  

4. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was an icon who inspired the current generation of female artists to take the stage and shine. Though she experienced a tragic end coupled with drug abuse and conflicts with her record label, her talent was ahead of her time.

She graced us with the iconic soul classic ‘I Will Always Love You,’ penned by the legend Dolly Parton. She often doesn’t receive her accolades as a songwriter since top chart-topping hits were by other composers. Similar to when searching for ‘write my essays‘ from online writers on your behalf.

5. Someone Like You – Adele

Adele basically ‘jailbroke’ the key to writing tear-soaked heartbreak ballads. Her catalog is quite extensive but captures sad moments of our lives.

Someone Like You is a call for help as the singer attempts to reconnect with her past lover but wades through the waves of reality. She still thinks about her love, though he moved on.

If it was a movie scene, it’s where she rushes to his apartment but finds him wrapped in the arms of her new heartthrob. All she is left is crying in the rain.

Love is in the Air or Not
Love is in the Air or Not

6. Ex Factor – Lauryn Hill

The critically acclaimed album by Lauryn Hill remains a classic that defined R&B. Now venturing as a solo artist after breaking from the legendary group Fugees, Lauryn Hill managed to put up a masterpiece on her first try, and she didn’t miss with the ‘Ex-Factor.’

Gen Z is probably revving over Drake’s rendition of ‘For What,’ a song sample. It’s a love hum with a touch of sad melancholy that refuses to face.

7. ‘Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers

This classic orchestrated soul hit in the 70s resonates to date. Some words that may often describe the song include:

  • Melodic
  • Orchestral
  • Warm
  • Mellow
  • Passionate
  • Lush
  • Soothing

There are not enough words that can pay homage to a masterpiece. The fact Bill Withers could churn a song on a different emotional spectrum from ‘Happy Days’ is a true testament to his ingenuity.

8. Stitches – Shawn Mendes

A pop hit while still thinking of the heartbreak to get you going is most likely a Shawn Mendes tune. The song emits the feeling of a lover being used and dumped several times, leaving him emotionally scarred and bruised.

It’s a feeling most of us love diehards can relate to. It has a bubblegum and upbeat sound; you can bop to it while heading to class or the gym.  

9. Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye

First, we would like to pay homage to the original title creator, Elliot Smith, who also penned a lush and melancholy song. However, we are moving to the upbeat hype, and no better artist brought out our feels in 2010 than Gotye’s hit classic.

A one-hit wonder who disappeared after the success of the hit, Gotye remains a legend with the breakup song. It’s a song about frustrations and disappointments in love.

10. Let Her Go – Passenger

The soothing and reassuring classic ‘Let Her Go’ by Passenger is finishing off our list. It’s the second single off the ‘All the Little Lights’ in 2012. It’s all about coming to terms with the deathbed of a relationship.

Instead of taking the theme of hatred, regret, or sadness, the song maintains the theme of love. It isn’t your typical heartbreak song, but it resonates with a healthy way to end a relationship.

Final Takeaway

The science behind heartbreak songs and healing needs further research.

Instead of downing yourself in sorrow, take time to go through these songs to uplift your soul. You’ll get over it and love again.

Heartbreak Songs
Heartbreak Songs