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4 Wonderful Ways to Explore the American Midwest

The American Midwest is a vast landscape with so much to offer. Stretching across 12 different states (officially), it’s full of diversity and a huge choice of things to see and do. Whether you like to get outdoors, explore history and culture, or try local food and drink, you’re sure to find somewhere you love in this large region.

Of course, choosing where to go and what to do isn’t exactly easy when there are so many options. One of the best ways to narrow it down is to choose what style of travel you prefer and the best way to explore the region to meet your needs.

Take a Road Trip

The classic American road trip is always a great option if you’re thinking about exploring a new state, or maybe even several of them. The extensive road network is one of the best things about the USA, allowing you to travel from coast to coast (or border to border) in whichever direction you like.

If you’re thinking about a road trip in the Midwest, you can find a range of options for long and short trips. Stick to one state and hit Wisconsin’s Great River Road or maybe consider the first leg of Route 66, which will take you from Chicago, IL, to St Louis, MO.

Hire a Boat

If boats are more your speed, you’re in luck. The Midwest has to be one of the best regions for boating thanks to its many beautiful lakes. When you’re trying to decide where to go, start with Getmyboat’s new report on the best boating destinations in the Midwest.

They cover all the major locations for boating fun and even provide average costs for boat hire and boat trips. The joy of a boat trip is that you can access places no other mode of transport will allow you to access. Plus, you still get to stop off at stunning lakeside towns.

Catch a Train

Train travel might not be your first thought if you’re thinking about journeying across any part of the US. But a train ride can be the perfect way to see somewhere new. It’s a slower form of transport, so it gives you time to take in the scenery. And you get to sit back and relax, rather than concentrate on driving or anything else.

If you’d like to take a scenic train ride through the Midwest, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. For example, the Carl Sandburg route runs over 300 miles from Chicago to Quincy, Illinois. For a short and scenic ride, try Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Route.

Explore the Great Outdoors

Some people like to be close to civilization at all times. But if you’re someone who prefers the outdoors, the Midwest has a wealth of opportunities for exciting exploration. The only hard part is deciding where to go and what to do. For an easy way to start thinking about where to go, you might want to look at national parks. From the fascinating geological formations of the Badlands in South Dakota to the Isle Royale National Park (an island in Lake Superior), each has something unique to offer.

Discover the American Midwest in your own way with one of these fun and interesting ways to explore somewhere new.