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7 Travel Tips for First-Time Camper Van Users

Camper travel, a symbol of freedom and independence, has recently grown in popularity. The allure of breaking free from prearranged tourist-centric opportunities and resorts and instead charting your course is a powerful draw for many. 

If you yearn for a travel experience that combines the thrill of exploration with the comfort of a home on wheels, camper travel is your perfect match. It’s a practical and convenient way to see the world, offering you the freedom to go wherever the road takes you.  

For those embarking on their first camper travel adventure, these tips are a goldmine of practical advice and insider knowledge.

1. Check Costs

In the first instance, when hiring a campervan, if you aren’t planning on buying one, check for any hidden costs or fees. You want to look for additional charges for mileage outside of a predetermined distance, extra items like camping equipment or a camper trailer or upsells in insurance packages. Read the small print to know what you will pay for or expect to pay extra for before hiring.

2. Test Drive

Once you’ve secured your camper, it’s time to prepare for the journey ahead. Take it for a test drive on familiar roads, familiarize yourself with its handling, and practice various manoeuvres. This preparation will not only eliminate any first-time hesitations but also instil a sense of confidence in your driving abilities.

3. Power Up

Make sure you power up any batteries required to run things like a fridge before you head off. Check the duration of your charge so you can find a suitable campsite to charge for your travels. If this isn’t applicable, great. By it, you need to power a battery. Know how frequently this needs to happen so you can plan.

7 Tips for First Time Camper Van Users
7 Tips for First Time Camper Van Users

4. Use The Facilities

You’re going to be living in the camper for an extended period, so before you hit the road, take time to use some of the features so you know what you’re doing before you need to rely on them. Know how to reconfigure the sitting and sleeping areas of appliances, hook the camper up to the electrics, use the controls, safely store items, and do things like change over any toilet equipment and accessories. This will help your trip run much more smoothly.

5. Map Your Route

You need to map the route you will be taking so you can put together the itinerary and know where your stop-off points will be., where you can park overnight, and what the local laws and regulations are regarding parking. Some popular areas have restrictions for overnight parking; other councils charge for you to park in certain areas, etc., so know where you plan to be and when so you can make the approximate arrangements to support your trip.

6. Think Comfort

While campervan travel is much more comfortable than a campaign, you still need home comforts to relax comfortably during the right and those days on the road. Think cushions, blankets, sleeping bags for colder weather, etc. The more prepared you are for cooler nights and extreme weather, the easier it will be to enjoy your camper holiday.

7. Stay Connected and Informed

Having access to information and communication channels can enhance your safety and enjoyment. Keep a reliable navigation system or GPS device to avoid getting lost. Invest in a good mobile data plan or a Wi-Fi hotspot to stay connected to the internet. Use travel apps to check weather forecasts, find nearby amenities, and stay informed about road conditions or any travel advisories.

Traveling in a camper van offers unparalleled freedom and adventure. By planning, packing wisely, maintaining your vehicle, conserving resources, practicing good etiquette, staying informed, and embracing the community, you can ensure a safe, enjoyable, and memorable journey.

So, hit the road with confidence and relish the unique experiences that camper van travel brings my wonder friends!

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