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Everything New Coming to Branson Missouri in 2024

Branson Missouri is a must for anyone who wants to go to the Ozarks. Yes, towns like Eureka Springs are adorable, and you need to see them during your trip, but they are also small, limiting what you can do (and where you can stay). That’s why Branson has by far become known as the Heart of the Ozarks. 

It’s here where you can get everything for a great trip, regardless of how long that trip is. Now, what you do in the Ozarks is largely going to take place outside. You’re going to want to hike, zipline, horseback ride, and head out on the lake. However, these are all high-energy activities, so you need some low-energy highlights to balance out your trip. 

The best low-energy activity will delight you to your core? Events. Live music. New experiences. That’s why you’re going to want to check out these brand-new events and music experiences coming to (and around) Branson in 2024: 

New Lineups at Your Favorite Festivals 

 If you’re in town for over a day, you can get top-notch accommodation at great rates. Just have a look at Westgate’s Branson Resorts. There are two available, each with great amenities and beautiful rooms, and within easy reach of the best that Branson offers. 

Every year, Silver Dollar City hosts several big music festivals, and every year, those festivals come with a unique lineup of shows and artists, making each one something special. There’s a reason why locals from all five states around the Ozarks come in for the summer music festival, after all, and it’s because it’s the best place to see live acts that they may have never heard of before or big names that they love. 

From jazz to tribute bands, to rock and beyond. These festivals always change up their lineup, so check in with their 2024 schedule to see if there are bands you want to see coming to the Ozarks in 2024: 

Silver Dollar City’s Festivals 

Silver Dollar City has three main music festivals: 

  • BBQ & Bluegrass 
  • Summer Series Festival 
  • Fall Crafts and Harvest Festival 

The Bluegrass Festival brings in the best Bluegrass jazz bands and musicians from around the country. It’s a goldmine for jazz fans, and when you add in the delicious food and picnic atmosphere, it’s an absolute must to go for 2024. 

The Summer Series festival is another absolute classic. The shows go on once every week throughout the summer, so check in advance to see what artists play on which days, so you don’t miss out. 

The fall harvest is another big one, though the main draw won’t be the music. This doesn’t mean that music won’t be there, because it will be. Live bands play throughout the festival for the delight of all harvest-goers. 

Brand New Shows Coming to Branson 

On top of the live acts at all those festivals, a few new shows are coming to Branson in 2024 that are set to stay for the season (or longer, if they get extended). These top shows offer something fresh, and exciting. 

  • El Mago Pop 

By far the most exciting how coming to Branson is El Mago Pop. El Mago Pop is a Spanish magician who has made it in Europe, meaning he’s currently their biggest and most successful magician, possibly ever. Now, he’s making waves over here in the United States. This started with a show on Broadway, and now he’s opening up his theatre in Branson to host live performances for the masses. Expect amazing illusions and magic acts that you won’t want to miss. 

  • Jay Osmond LIVE 

Jay Osmond from The Osmonds has just finished up a long tour with The Osmond’s Musical and is now ready to give you a unique and exciting live experience in Branson for 2024. Expect a full concert from this legendary drummer, with tickets set to sell out fast. The show itself starts in March of this year, so check in advance if it’s on when you plan to visit and book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

  • Cirque: Electric Dreams 

Cirque shows are always a delight, and now there’s one coming to Branson. Go for beautiful acrobatic shows, daring stunts, and comedic bits. You’ll laugh, gasp, and go awe several times over while watching this top-notch circus show live in person. 

Goldfinch in the Ozarks
Goldfinch in the Ozarks

Brand New Experiences Coming to Branson 

It’s not just live new music. Some of the best destinations in the area are also opening up new things to do that you’ll want to check out. 

  • Ozark Nights 

Love stories? Have a soft spot for ghost tours? Then you’ll want to get on the new Ozark Nights tour, which launches later on this year in the spring. It promises to tell you spooky and interesting stories from Ozark’s history and ends with a cozy night by the campfire. It is something different, and a great option for those who want to get out at night. 

  • TreeTop Sky Trail 

Shepherd of the Hills is a homestead experience in the Ozarks (and close to Branson) that is hugely popular with families. If you’ve been before and think you’ve done all there is to do, however, think again. A new TreeTop Sky Trail is opening this year that gives visitors up to 600 feet of suspension bridges from tree to tree to explore. 

New Updates to Your Favorites 

Everyone loves it when old favorites remix things and shake up their old way of doing things. That’s why you’ll want to check out this top tourist destination since it is planning on doing something different for the 2024 season. 

  • Dolly Parton’s Stampede

This show is old and beloved, but that doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t shake things up. There are several updates promised for the 2024 lineup, from new shows to even new menu items, giving you a new and refreshed experience, even if you’ve already been before.