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Exploring UAE with the Perfect Itinerary and Destinations

A trip to Dubai can be overwhelming for the unprepared. The great city has tons of destinations worth seeing for a phenomenal journey. Visit the memorable skyscrapers and awe-inspiring landscapes as you travel in style.

The UAE has some of the best car rental options for you to explore the city, for both solo and group travels. For instance, you can rent Range Rover Velar in Sharjah so you and your friends can explore the off-road scenery. Pick the car that’s right for you and where you wish to go. Below are a few recommendations you can add to the map. 

Ras Al Khaimah

If you are ever in the mood for something more laid-back, try visiting this place on your first stop. Ras Al Khaimah offers the best spots to recharge, refuel, and reintroduce your vacation spirit. The Northern Emirate reaches over 2,500 kilometres of space.

Both the Hayat Island and the Marbella Villas offer places to stay so you plan your journey accordingly. Being right next to the sea can let you and your family splash in the water before heading off. This custom-beach resort can provide activities suitable for all ages. 

Khasab Oman

Further down the coast is a more interactive bay when it comes to sea life. Here, you can rent out boats as well as cars to traverse the open waters. The bay is home to all kinds of aquatic life you can look at. This includes sea turtles, dolphins, pufferfish, lionfish, clownfish, etc.

Oman also houses their car rental services if you need a new pickup here. The mountainside offers beautiful scenery for a drive as you venture forth to your new destination. Before your drive, you can take up some delicious beverages from the line of cafes available. This includes cocktails, sushi bars, supermarkets, and so much more. 

Renting a Car while Traveling
Renting a Car while Traveling

Jebel Jais

This area boasts some of the highest mountains you can find in the entire EUA. Driving to the top peaks will let you see the best views of the region. When the sun rises at the correct time, the entire land will light up like a candle. Because of the high cliffs, you can find some daring activities to do within the mountains.

This includes riding ziplines from one mountain to the next. You can also take a chance on the Jais Sledder, which is a rollercoaster ride built right into the mountains. A definitive visit for a Dubai road trip. 

Al Wadi Nature Reserve

If you ever wish to enjoy a more luscious setting, the Nature Reserve in Al Wadi has you covered. Within this reserve is over 500 acres of gorgeous wildlife to explore.

This includes an array of flora and fauna to see as you walk through the designated areas. You can see antelopes, camels, gazelles, and even the Arabian Oryx. To make it even better is the restaurant within. You can enjoy a nice meal while under the stars, hearing the sounds of nature. 

Ferrari World

If you are planning a road trip with the family, there is no better place than Ferrari World. A place where kids and adults can take part in fast-paced action. The venue is full of rollercoasters, rides, climbing walls, ziplines, and more physical activities.

Based on the legendary vehicle that can be found cruising the many roads of Dubai. Many car rental services in Dubai can offer Ferraris. Ferrari World is here to show off many of the latest models and those based on its founding history. Catch some live races and see the fastest Ferraris in real-time. 

Abu Dhabi

If you wish to see a gentler cityscape, Abu Dhabi is the neighbouring location of Dubai and the official capital of the UAE. It is the best place to start or stop, your road trip with its massive selection of services. There are dozens of hotels open to you so you can relax by the pool and sleep in peace.

Within the city are tons of events you can take part in. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is where you can soak in a lot of the culture through its architecture.

While these locations are just examples, so many more are available to witness. Be sure to take up a map of the latest attractions and find the right car to take you there. Choose a vehicle most appropriate for your luggage, travelling companions, and the distance needed to cover.

The Wonders of Abu Dabi
The Wonders of Abu Dabi