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The Secret Untold Origin of Journey Wonders

It is known that some people travel for fun, some travel for culture, some travel to find others while others travel to find themselves. So…why do I travel? That’s a whole different story.

For me, it all started back when I was a little kid and started taking courses of World History at elementary school. Japanese warlords, Roman emperors, Egyptian pharaohs and more filled my mind with all sorts of dreams and wonders. But then…the harsh truth arrived: They are all gone.

Time has swept away all these great ancient civilizations and now all that remains is the modern evolution of such societies. But how about the material side of things? Sure, the era of the pharaohs is long gone but time has been kind enough to grant us a look at the magnificent vestiges that this society built more than five thousand years ago.

I travel because I want to experience the wonder of retracing the steps of our ancestors, I travel because I want to find out the origin of civilization as such, I travel because it fulfills me, I travel to gain new experiences, I travel because I love it.

How Traveling Changed Me

The only certain part about any journey is that the person who comes back is never going to be the same person that left. The mind is the one that changes the most. While traveling I have experienced firsthand the life of the richest and the life of the poorest, from the extravagant parties in Paris to the run-down favelas in Rio de Janeiro.

It’s all about perspective. It is sad to know that the majority of people are simply unwilling to step out of their comfort zone and never even leave their hometowns because of a pre-established mentality of thinking that they do not need to go somewhere else.

I know it because I was one of those people a few years ago. What changed? Everything. Follow me in this site as I re-tell my present and past adventures and how much my travels have helped me to improve as a person and succeed in my professional life. My goal is to inspire and guide you to do the same!

The Man of Wonders goofing around at the Teotihuacan Pyramids
The Man of Wonders goofing around at the Teotihuacan Pyramids

A Journey of Wonders!

Today I consider myself to be a changed person, as of December 2013 I have visited 35 countries and more than 120 cities and the experiences I have gained are more valuable to me than the 4 years I spent studying at college.

Sure, college can teach you how to develop basic skills to function in a pre-stablished society (may it be the corporate world, the medical field or whatever else you want to focus on), however, traveling teaches you how to adapt and survive in the real world. If somebody had told me two years ago that one of my greatest talents was my photography skills, I would probably assume that they were joking.

One just needs to take a look at the photos I took during my semester abroad at Montreal, Canada in 2010 to see how I was probably one of the worst photographers ever.

The Man of Wonders celebrating Holi in Mumbai
The Man of Wonders celebrating Holi in Mumbai

In fact, I don’t really know for sure when I became good with the camera, I guess that after many weeks of taking photos in Europe during 2012 (and trust me, some of the photos taken during the first three months were really bad) I just knew by instinct how to spot good camera angles, control exposure, light levels and the such.

If you think that you don’t have the talent to work and travel abroad, I really suggest you to think twice. Anyone can do it and I’ll go to the extra mile to ensure that you’ll do it as well.

After all, the raison d’etre of this website is to inspire people to travel, to let go of our pre-established notions of what the world is and start to open our eyes to the wonders that this planet has to offer, to learn about all the different cultures that exist all around us, to be amazed at the marvels of nature and find out what we can do to preserve them, to share experiences and to give advise about how to travel responsibly without spending much money.

Are you ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime?

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