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The 7 Scariest Mississippi Haunted Places

Welcome, brave explorer! You might be a seasoned traveler but are you ready for a chilling journey through Mississippi’s haunted spots? Be prepared to venture into the eerie, uncanny corners of this southern gem.

Every creaking floorboard and flickering light bulb comes with a story – stories that will make your heart race and spine tingle. From majestic old inns to crumbling ruins, these aren’t your ordinary Mississippi tourist attractions.

Ready for an unforgettable shiver down your spine? The doors to the paranormal magnolia state are wide open for those who dare to step in…

1. The Chilling Charm of Cedar Grove Inn

Imagine a place right out of a classic horror movie. That’s the Cedar Grove Inn for you, nestled in Vicksburg. This imposing structure has stood since 1842, hosting countless guests over the years.

Among them, there’s one that liked it so much they decided never to leave – the resident ghost! Yes, you heard that right. Many visitors have reported ghostly incidents, including fleeting figures in photographs and eerie voices echoing late at night.

If the paranormal excites you, this is one stop on your haunting journey through Mississippi you wouldn’t want to miss.

2. Mysteries within the McRaven House

Crossing over to the dark side of Mississippi’s tourist attractions, we find the McRaven House in Vicksburg. This one isn’t just a spooky sensation; it’s widely known as ‘The Most Haunted House in Mississippi’!

Believed to be inhabited by spirits from different eras, a walk through McRaven is like traversing history itself. Visitors often speak of strange occurrences – objects moving on their own or feeling an eerie sense of being watched.

If you’re intrigued by spine-chilling adventures and tales that defy logic, the mysteries of McRaven await your exploration.

3. King’s Tavern: A Haven for the Hectic Spirits

Onto our next haunted location, we journey to Natchez. Here resides one of the oldest standing buildings in all of Mississippi, the notorious King’s Tavern.

The tavern has a sordid past… it used to be a clandestine post office, an inn, and even rumored to be once a den of smugglers.

Guests today report inexplicable phenomena, disembodied voices whispering secrets in hushed tones, and spectral images flitting through deserted corners.

Could these echo its dark past? Visit for yourself if you dare to experience this unexplained mystery.

4. Specters Soaring in Stuckey’s Bridge

Have you ever heard of an old wooden bridge harboring spooky legends? No? Then let’s introduce you to Stuckey’s Bridge, a spine-chilling attraction in Lauderdale County.

According to local folklore, a notorious outlaw named Stuckey met his untimely end here. His spirit is believed to linger around, causing unnerving noises and alarming apparitions.

Haunted tales of terrifying screams and ghostly figures dangling in the moonlight have made this century-old bridge a hotspot for thrill-seekers and paranormal investigators alike.

5. “Devil’s Den”’s Disquieting Dwellers

Invoking curiosity and fear alike, the dust-laden corners of Devil’s Den project tales of the supernatural. Located in Poplarville in Mississippi’s Pearl River County, the unsettling legend surrounding this natural cave dates back centuries.

Rumor has it that unbaptized children were once sacrificed here by an occult group, making for spine-chilling stories and uncanny occurrences.

Many visitors claim to have felt a piercing gaze watching them or heard spectral whispers in the wind. The unsettling ambiance of Devil’s Den surely provides a haunting experience unlike any other.

6. Unearthly Happenings at the Longwood Plantation House

Adding to the list, the historic grandeur of the Longwood Plantation House in Natchez holds a host of spectral secrets within its unfinished walls.

Despite its breathtaking architecture, this antebellum estate is famous for more than meets the eye. Ghostly apparitions, strange noises, and chilling whispers are reported with alarming regularity.

Rumor has it that even past owners refuse to leave, calmly observing visitors from beyond. Eerie? Definitely so.

7. A Grim Goodbye: The Hauntings of Windsor Ruins

To wrap up our tour of Mississippi’s haunted spots, let’s wind down in the ruins of what was once a grand mansion near Port Gibson – the Windsor Ruins.

Today, all that remains are towering columns standing eerily against the sky – a ghostly testament to its opulence. Mysterious occurrences have made these ruins a highlight among paranormal enthusiasts.

Visitors often speak of unusual sounds, ethereal figures, and an inexplicable air of sadness encompassing the property. In terms of haunted venues, this is one to remember for sure!

Our bone-chilling journey across the haunted landscapes of Mississippi for now comes to an end. Every shadowy corner and creaking floorboard carries a tale, adding a thrillingly eerie dimension to your trip.

These aren’t just sightseeing spots. They’re spine-tingling encounters with Mississippi’s spectral past! Safe travels…if you dare.