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5 Jewelry Trends for the Perfect Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have gained immense popularity in recent years. If you don’t know, a destination wedding is essentially a wedding where couples choose to exchange their vows in an exotic or unique location, often far away from their hometowns.

Such weddings offer the perfect opportunity for a couple to have a truly intimate experience with their closest family and friends.

Plus, seeing as destination weddings are often glamorous and take place in picturesque settings like tropical beaches or European castles, such a wedding is sure to be memorable by all who attend for years to come.

If you’re planning or attending a destination wedding, you will need to give careful consideration to attire. In addition to wearing suitable and fashionable clothes for the celebratory event, you will want to wear the perfect accompanying jewelry.

So, here are some of the current jewelry trends you might like to follow.

Boho Chic

The boho trend has been making waves in the fashion and wedding industry for some time now, and it is a perfect fit for destination weddings.

This trend embraces loose, flowy dresses, and natural elements. So, when it comes to jewelry, think of delicate pieces with a bohemian touch, such as layered necklaces with earthy pendants, stackable rings in mixed metals, and feather or leaf-inspired earrings.

Themed Jewelry

Themed jewelry is undoubtedly on trend for wearing at destination weddings. That means wearing jewelry pieces that perfectly suit the wedding location.

For instance, if you’re planning a beach destination wedding, nautical-inspired jewelry can add the perfect touch.

You could choose anchor-shaped necklaces, seashell earrings, or pearl accessories to channel that oceanic vibe. These pieces will not only complement your beachy surroundings but also give a nod to the classic maritime aesthetic.

And if you are attending a wedding in a tropical paradise among palm trees and blue oceans, such as in the Caribbean, consider embracing matching vibrant colors through your jewelry choices.

You could opt for statement pieces with colorful gemstones such as turquoise or coral. Or you could choose stylish jewelry that reflects the blueness of the sea. For instance, you could explore unique sapphire rings.

Floral motifs are also incredibly fitting – look for necklaces with oversized flower pendants or bold floral earrings.

You could even incorporate tropical motifs like pineapples or flamingos into your jewelry selection for a fun twist.

Minimal Elegance

Minimalism has become all the rage. Furthermore, a minimal elegant look is suitable for any kind of wedding in any destination. So, if you prefer to keep things simple and you want to achieve an understated and sophisticated look, minimal elegance is the way to go.

This trend focuses on clean lines, dainty pieces, and subtle details. Stick to delicate necklaces with simple pendants like bars or solitaire gemstones. Choose slim bangle bracelets, thin bands, or small stud earrings.

The key is to keep your style simple yet refined, allowing your natural beauty and the beauty of your surroundings to shine.


For destination weddings that are about nostalgia and tradition, following the current vintage jewelry trend could be the best option.

Look for antique-style rings adorned with intricate filigree work or halo settings with a vintage twist. Complete the look with pearl necklaces, crystal chandelier earrings, or Art Deco-inspired bracelets.

Such timeless pieces will add an heirloom feel to your destination wedding ensemble.

Ethical and Sustainable

With increasing awareness about the impact of fashion on the environment, ethical and sustainable jewelry is a rising trend.

For destination weddings with an eco-conscious mindset, look for jewelry brands that prioritize fair trade practices, use recycled materials, or support artisanal communities.

Consider jewelry made from sustainable materials like bamboo, wood, or ethically sourced gemstones.

And don’t forget to inquire about the origins of the jewelry you’re considering. You can then choose pieces that align with your values.