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5 Wonderful Travel Hairstyles for Men

An article about the best travel hairstyles for men including the man bun, the Australian, the Mr. Clean, dreadlocks, and more.

During your travels, one of the biggest issues that travelers face is what to do with their hair.

And yes, getting a haircut abroad is scary (so many horror stories that will give you nightmares!) so it is understandable that many travelers want to look for a low-maintenance haircut so here’s a list of the best travel hairstyles you can get.

Please note that even though this list is gender-neutral and all hairstyles mentioned can be worn by women, this article is written from a male living experience.

Enjoy my wonder friends!

The Man Bun

For all of those who want to unleash their inner Samurai, the man bun has been a constant favorite of travelers due to its low maintenance.

It is inspired by the Samurai’s top knot (known as chonmage) and has seen an increase in popularity thanks to hipsters making it a very stylish choice.

Just tie up your hair in a man bun and call it a day. Sure, you still need to shampoo your hair and trim it every few months but it’s one of the easiest to maintain travel hairstyles.

Famous Examples: Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.

Travel Hairstyles, the Man Bun
Travel Hairstyles, the Man Bun

The Australian

A large mane, usually accompanied by a surfboard is not unusual to find in Australian travelers hence the name of these travel hairstyles.

Be warned though, this is a very high maintenance travel hairstyle that requires proper care not unlike the proper care that a long beard needs.

Only go for this if you’re willing to put in the work, players. You can check some hairstyle maintenance tips here my friends!

Famous Examples: Chris Hemsworth in Thor.

The Mr. Clean

If you’re balding, please do not try to use a comb-over like You-Know-Who or to get a hair transplant, just embrace destiny and shave it all off.

Confidence is attractive and having a shiny bald head will get you extra points. Don’t forget to apply creams in order to avoid skin rashes and to always be careful of the sunlight.

You don’t want to end up burnt now do you?

Famous Examples: Vin Diesel in The Fast and the Furious.

Felucca Sailing in the Nile River, Egypt 4
The Nubian people of South Egypt

The Dreadlocks

The dreadlocks are a controversial travel hairstyle since some people consider it to be cultural appropiation.

However, it is one of the easiest to maintain since you don’t actually have to wash your hair constantly so it’s perfect if your plan is to hike for days (such as the amazing Torres del Paine in Chile) to places without a shower.

Be warned tho, your hair might get a little bit damaged after a while.

Famous Examples: Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Travel Hairstyles, the Dreadlocks
Travel Hairstyles, the Dreadlocks

The Man of Wonders

One of the easiest haircuts to get abroad is the one I have called the “Haircut of Wonders”. It basically involves cutting the sides and back with a number 1 razor and just trimming the tips at the top.

No matter to where you travel, this is the easiest haircut to explain to the barber. It is so easy that it is impossible to get it wrong.

That being said, you need to trim it every 2 weeks so not ideal if you visit an expensive destination where they charge 50 USD for a haircut.

Famous Examples: Me Me Me.

Raphael Alexander Zoren The Man of Wonders
Raphael Alexander Zoren The Man of Wonders

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What’s your favorite travel harsityle? Share your thoughts and let me know what you think!

Until next time, my friends!