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3 Ways to Travel for Free as a Student

Student Life can sometimes be really stressful and balancing classes with travel can be quite a challenge. Needless to say, most college and university students (and speaking about universities, check out websites that can write my research paper for me to save time) are so busy that even the very thought of going somewhere makes them sigh heavily.

On the other hand, living on a student budget doesn’t give many options for traveling the world. And once we add the cost of travel, the result is that many students are unable to fulfill their dreams of travel.

At the same time, these are the best years of one’s life, and being unable to explore the world is just unfair. 

But did you know that there are many different ways in which students can travel for free? Read all about it here to find out the 3 ways to travel for free as a student. Enjoy!

3 Ways to Travel for Free as a Student #01: Become an International Au Pair

According to the Wikipedia definition of the term, an au pair is a helper from a foreign country working for, and living as part of, a host family.

This is one of the most cost-effective ways for students to travel the world while they take their classes online.

It is not uncommon for European families to want to hire Au Pairs from English-speaking countries so their children can grow up learning English.

There are many programs available to connect potential students with host families such as Au Pair World. And contrary to stereotypes, an au pair is not a nanny and it is also not a job that is gender restrictive so anyone can apply to become one and travel the world for free as a student.

Besides, if you like spending time with kids and taking care of them, this is a great opportunity to practice. Who knows, maybe, you will choose a career that has something to do with educating, treating, or taking care of the little ones. 

Some host families even pay you money to become an au pair so that’s more money to add to the travel fund. What’s not to love?

The gargoyles atop Notre Dame de Paris
The gargoyles atop Notre Dame de Paris

3 Ways to Travel for Free as a Student #02: Join a Study Abroad Program

Another way for academically gifted students to travel the world for free is to apply and join a study abroad program. Even if you don’t like the idea that you have to study (you must be so tired about it already), gaining your degree in an unknown country is a whole new experience.

All universities in the world have strategic alliances with sister universities in other countries and some of them even pay for all of your travel expenses if you qualify for economic aid.

Why take your courses in your home country when you can take them in Paris or Hong Kong? Just imagine getting coffee and croissant in some fancy café and heading to the college. Sounds dreamy, right? 

Some of the best universities have very strict requirements so you better open your books and start revising harder to improve your score and be able to apply for the best study abroad programs.

What are you waiting for? Go visit your student advisor at your campus and ask them to tell you about the study abroad programs available for your major and start applying in advance.

It’s going to be the best eye-opening experience ever and you’ll love every second of it! In addition, you may even decide to stay abroad and start a new chapter of your life. That’s what a lot of college and university students do quite often.

Sea Turtle Volunteer Program in Mexico
Sea Turtle Volunteer Program in Mexico

3 Ways to Travel for Free as a Student #03: Get a Sponsorship via NGOs and other Programs

Last but not least, there are many NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) with programs meant to help students of certain economic and social backgrounds to see the world. The reps of these organizations do their best to provide undergrads with an opportunity to both get a diploma and see what the world has to offer.

One of the most famous programs is Birthright Israel in which young Jewish students can apply to get a free all-expenses trip to Israel to see the many wonders the country has to offer.

Other programs, such as these 7 Black Young Student Travel Organizations exist to help black students see the world.

Depending on your background, there are many similar programs that you can apply to in order to get fully paid trips to specific destinations in the world so doing some research about it can definitely help you to achieve your dreams of travel.

And even if a specific program is not available for you, never despair, when there is a will there’s a way so just keep trying and doing research to see what your opportunities are.

When in doubt, always ask your university advisor to help you out, they will definitely help you find the resources you need to find and apply to the right program.

Jerusalem, where tradition is stronger than facts
Jerusalem, where tradition is stronger than facts

Extra Tip: How to Balance Your Studies with Your Travels

Time management is a precious skill to develop if you want to live a life of travel while you finish your studies.

Your own time is the most important non-renewable resource you ever have so sometimes delegating some tasks to professional writers from Custom Writings essay writing services if you have urgent deadlines might come a long way.

There is nothing worse than living in Paris but being stuck in the library since I have dozens of essays to write.

Optimize your time and make sure to focus on what brings you the most happiness my friends!

I hope you have enjoyed this article about the 3 ways to travel for free as a student. Don’t forget to subscribe in order to get more awesome updates and tips straight to your email!

Have you ever Traveled as a Student? Would you like to? Share your thoughts and let me know what you think.

Until next time, my friends!!!

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