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Birthday of Wonders: 31 Wonderful Moments I’m Grateful For

As the clock hit midnight, an epiphany came to me: I’m now 29 years old. The last year of my 20’s. I never expected life to be this way at 29th. And truth is…life is WONDERFUL. Even more wonderful than what I have ever imagined in my wildest dreams.

And well, truth be told, 2018 was a REALLY difficult year. I almost died in Nepal and I had to stay home in Acapulco inactive for months in order to fully recover. 2018 was also a very beautiful year in the sense that I truly learned to appreciate even more my loved ones as they supported me with their words of positive encouragement.

For that I will always be grateful to them now and forever. And speaking about gratitude, as I grow older, I get even more grateful for all the wonderful things that have arrived into my life and specially for those wonderful things that I’ve manifested for myself thanks to the power of positive thinking.

Here’s a recap of the 29 wonderful moments I’m grateful for in these 29 years of my life so far.

What are some of your top moments to be grateful for?

Who is hotter? The Man of Wonders or the Volcano?
Who is hotter? The Man of Wonders or the Volcano?

My Birthday Gift of Wonders: The 29 Wonderful Moments I’m Grateful For

1. I’m grateful for being alive since that’s the greatest gifts of them all. Don’t take life for granted and appreciate the joy of just being able to enjoy life.

2. I’m grateful for the fact I have seen most of the world. Can you believe that some folks have never left home?

3. I’m grateful for my wittiness even if it is tiring. Now, if you excuse me, I better stop rhyming.

4. I’m grateful for my family and the values they taught me. A man’s not an island and nobody truly succeeds on their own..

5. I’m grateful for the time my aunt paid for my first flight. At the age of 13, I never understood why people were afraid to fly.


22. I’m grateful for the many professional accomplishments of my newfound career of Travel Blogging (2019 goal? Reach those 100,000 monthly pageviews!!!).

23. I’m grateful for the heartbreaks and the betrayals for those have helped to become more selective in whom I trust.

24. I’m grateful for the haters I have because it’s a proof of the fact that I’ve made big. Keep the hate mail coming yo!

25. I’m grateful for the many luxury hotels I’ve stayed and of the dirty rundown hostels too: anything is better than not having traveling at all.

26. I’m grateful for that time I had to travel with a huge inflatable swan. It really made me appreciate the hard work that some Instagrammers put behind their photos.

27. I’m grateful for my family of wonders and their constant moral support in all of my crazy dreams and ideas.

28. I’m grateful for every friend that helped me in Nepal after my accident including that special one that visited me at the hospital before my surgery.

29. And finally, I’m grateful for the fact that starting a Travel Blog allowed me to connect with awesome readers like the ones that are reading this letter. Happy birthday to me and I wish you all the best in your upcoming journeys!!!

Let’s make this 2019 even MORE wonderful than previous years!!! Challenge accepted my wonder friends!!!

What are some of your top things you’re grateful for in your life? Share your thoughts and see you soon!

The Man of Wonders at Glacier Grey in Torres del Paine
The Man of Wonders at Glacier Grey in Torres del Paine