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5 Wonderful Things to Do and See in Lhasa, Tibet

An article about the Best Things to Do and See in Lhasa, Tibet including the best views, the best food, and much more.

Taking a break from the Great Central American Journey of Wonders, we have a guest post from Agness Walewinder of E-Tramping, a Polish world traveler that has been to some of the most amazing places in the world.

Today she will share with us her wonderful experience in Tibet. Sure, she didn’t spend seven years there but these photos are surely going to make you book a ticket right now. The stage’s all yours, Agness!

Although China often stops issuing Tibet travel permits to foreign visitors, Lhasa (the capital city of Tibet) should definitely be added to your travel bucket list if you’re planning on visiting the Land of Dragons and nearby areas.

“The Roof of the World” is, without doubt, one of the most remarkable places to visit in Asia. It offers fabulous monastery sights, breathtaking high-altitude treks, amazing cultural and religious experiences as well as authentic Tibetan food you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Moreover, Tibet is a uniquely spiritual place where you can find your inner peace and meditate for hours.

If you still hesitate to visit Lhasa, check out these top 5 reasons you should definitely pay the Land of Snows a short visit this summer.

The 5 Best Things to Do and See in Lhasa

Stunning Views of Tibet from Lhasa

By going to Tibet by train, you can admire the beautiful and extraordinary scenery which will simply make your day and take your breath away.

Lhasa offers extraordinary views for photography freak and mountain lovers. Lakes, rivers, and high hills…Tibet has it all.

Cost of Chongqing – Lhasa train:

  • One way hard sleepers – RMB800.
  • One way soft sleepers – RMB1100.

Note: There is not much “comfort” difference between soft and hard sleepers so you can definitely choose the cheaper option.

Top reasons to visit Tibet
Lhasa, Tibet and its magic

Amazing Tibetan Architecture

If you are a big fan of architecture, Lhasa will be your dream destination. It is a mix of Chinese and Indian styles expressing a deep Buddhist approach. You will certainly not be able to take your eyes off the colorful doors and windows.

Moreover, you will be blown away by the power of Buddhism and the design of Tibetan temples and houses. Tibet is simply the most colorful and magical place on the Earth, trust me!

Tibetan buildings
Tibetan buildings

Religious Experience of Tibet

By going to Lhasa you will learn a lot about Buddhism, Tibetan customs and traditions.

You’ll certainly visit various temples, monasteries while having little chats or long conversations with locals who will inspire you and teach you many things about respecting others and being humble.

As you may already know, the dominant religion in Tibet is Tibetan Buddhism introduced into Tibet in 7th century AD. The best known Tibetan Buddhism face is the 14th Dalai Lama (the current one) who is currently living in India due to Chinese oppression.

When in Lhasa, you will have this amazing opportunity to participate in prostrations or attend public meetings where locals often play cymbals and gongs and pray loudly.

Locals praying in Tibet
Locals praying in Tibet

Hospitable and Humble Tibetan Locals

The bad news is that travel regulations in Lhasa will limit remarkably your interactions with locals. Foreign visitors are not allowed to hang out with Tibetans or stay in their houses overnight. Despite all these restrictions, you will be still able to get to know some Tibetans when visiting local tea houses, monasteries and being introduced to locals by your travel guide.

After a few minutes of spontaneous conversation with Tibetans, you will see how humble, friendly and hospitable they are.

We visited a local tea house where we were offered highland milk tea and some yak soup by the host. People were extremely nice to us and we were cracking jokes together. They also explained what the main principles of Buddhism religion were and how Tibetans lived by these rules. All locals seemed to be so polite!

Tibetan doors
Tibetan doors

Experiencing Tibetan Cuisine

When in Lhasa, you can’t afford to miss fried momos, yak meat wraps, Naizha cake or famous Thenthuk (Tibetan noodle soup). Although traditional Tibetan cuisine is mainly based on dairy products (yak milk and cheese), it also offers a great mixture of herbs and spices, different kind of dumplings and always fresh and yummy bread.

Momos should be number 1 dish to try in Tibet. These are traditional dumplings filled with meat or vegetables, served with oil and pepper sauce, yummy! You can get them fried or boiled depending on your preferences. The best drink for momos is hot chocolate or salty tea.

If you’re are a big fan of wraps, you will love the yak meat wraps served with vegetables and garlic sauce! Yak meat tastes like a duck meat, a little chewy and it taste great with traditional Lhasa beer!

Hospitable Tibetans in Lhasa
Hospitable Tibetans in Lhasa

As you can see, Lhasa can be your next amazing culinary and spiritual adventure where you will experience breath-taking scenery and amazing hospitality of locals!

Would you like to experience Lhasa this summer? Share your thoughts and let us know what you think!

Agness and Cez are a Polish duo standing behind, a travel website where you can find plenty of budget travel tips on how to travel the world with $25 in your pocket.

Since 2011, they have been travelling the world while teaching English in different Asian countries such as China, Thailand or Cambodia. They are both photography passionates obsessed with Chinese cuisine and culture. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more amazing budget travel awesomeness.

Things to Do in Lhasa, Tibet China
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