Belgrade, the Party Capital of the Balkans

In the East of the Balkans you shall find Serbia, a country filled with breath-taking natural landscapes and vibrant cities where the nightlife never ends.

Its capital, Belgrade, is probably one of the coolest places to party in all of Europe and trust me, I’m kind of an expert when it comes to that. 

Strategically founded at the crosspoint of the Danube and the Sava rivers, Belgrade has a rich history and many cultural and natural attractions for all type of travelers. Here’s my top recommendations about what do and see in Belgrade. 

Enjoy it my friends!

What to do and see in Belgrade

Sunset at the Kalemegdan Fortress

What to do and see in Belgrade #01: Have picnic at the Belgrade Fortress. Don’t forger your beer!

The Belgrade Fortress is probably one of the most popular places in Belgrade for visitors and locals alike. It is also one of the most beautiful ones, of course. 

Founded hundreds of years ago, today the fortress is a park with some interesting museums and is one of my best spots for having a picnic with a traditional Serbian beer. 

PS. Have I told you that Serbia has the biggest hamburgers of all of the Balkans? 

What to do and see in Belgrade

The Kalemegdan Fortress of Belgrade, Serbia

What to do and see in Belgrade #02: Experience the urban vibe of Belgrade and its unique street art

Belgrade is a very interesting city in terms of people watching and it’s the perfect introduction to the ways of the East. 

 Speaking of which, it’s important to always have an open mind and don’t judge the fact that here people are allowed to smoke everywhere, trains and restaurants included.

In addition of that, Belgrade has a very interesting collection of street art, some of which is politically motivated so be sure to ask a local to translate it for you!

What to do and see in Belgrade

Communist architecture and street art at Belgrade, Serbia

What to do and see in Belgrade #03: Learn all about the Serbian folklore and culture

If you have the time, you can take a day trip from Belgrade to the countryside in order to experience the rural life of Serbia, a country whose folklore is very visually appealing to observe. 

Otherwise, my best advice is to visit some of the Museums inside Belgrade (such as the Nikola Tesla Museum!) to learn more about the culture of the country.

A stop to the souvenir shops of the city is also a must! 

What to do and see in Belgrade

Souvenirs from Belgrade, Serbia

What to do and see in Belgrade #04: See firsthand why Serbs are considered as the most beautiful women in Europe. 

When visiting Belgrade, you better be sure to pack a neck brace with you since your neck is going to be hurt after just a few minutes of walking in the city centre. The reason? You’ll be too busy turning your head all around to behold the immense beauty of the Serbian women. 

A woman who might be considered average in Serbia might as well be a supermodel in any other country and today they hold the record of Europe’s most beautiful women. And before you ask, yes, they do love to meet handsome Latin men.

Long legs, dark hair and a beautiful smile. What’s not to love, players?

What to do and see in Belgrade

Traditional Serbian Costumes

What to do and see in Belgrade #05: Take a shot (or two, three, four…) of rakija and enjoy Belgrade’s nightlife

The nightlife of Belgrade is without equal even in the cold winter months and it all starts with a shot of rakija, a home-made alcoholic beverage that comes in many different flavors including apricot, pear and apple.

The best way to party in Belgrade is to just go from one pub to another in the company of locals and to take as many shots as possible before hitting a nightclub where you can dance the night away. 

If you visit during the summer, you can even have a boat party on the Danube river!

What to do and see in Belgrade

Flogging the one eyed snake at Belgrade, Serbia

What to do and see in Belgrade #06: Watch the sunset at the point where the Danube and the Sava rivers meet.

Belgrade has a few interesting sunset spots but none of them can compare to the one located in the hill of the Belgrade Fortress from which you can see both the Danube and the Sava rivers. 

Be sure to bring a beer and your camera as you watch how the rays of the sun disappear behind the rivers as they signal a new dawn for Belgrade. 

Romantic, isn’t it? 

What to do and see in Belgrade

Sunset at Belgrade, Serbia

What to do and see in Belgrade #07: Be part of the most beautiful train journey of all Europe.

Last but certainly not least, let me tell you about the Belgrade-Bar train journey which is one of the most incredible ones I’ve ever been to. This train takes about 9 hours as it goes all the way from Serbia to Montenegro passing through incredible mountainous landscapes. 

The best part? The locals aboard the train are really friendly and will always try to share their food, cigarettes and yes, palinka with you. Plus, from Bar, you can go to Kotor, considered as one of the prettiest places in all of the world (more of that next week at Journey Wonders).

PS. Did you know that you can actually board the private train of Tito (the supreme leader of what used to be Yugoslavia)? Here’s an article with more details of the Belgrade-Bar train journey.

What to do and see in Belgrade

The Montenegro to Serbia scenic train. Photo credit: The Blonde Gypsy.

Things you should know before traveling to Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade enjoy a very strategic location in Europe, bordering with Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Montenegro. From Belgrade you can take trains and planes to reach any of those countries at a very low price. 

For transportation within Belgrade, you can always use the tramway but the historical sites are so close to each other that walking is your best option, especially when going from one pub to another. 

Finally, don’t you dare leave Belgrade without trying all types of Bureks (pastries filled with cheese, meat, spinach and more), the legendary cevapcici (minced meat in sausage) and some of the biggest hamburger patties in the entire universe! 

Wanna know more about Belgrade? Listen to more about it in this Travel Podcast!

What to do and see in Belgrade

The military open air museum at Kalemegdan Fortress

Where to stay in Belgrade, Serbia

Accommodation in Belgrade is really diverse but no matter where you stay, you will be treated like royalty with the characteristic hospitality of the Balkans. Here’s a list of my recommendations for all types of budgets:

When it comes to luxury and boutique hotels, my best choices are the Hotel Mint and the Boutique Hotel Townhouse 27. For budget hostels and guesthouses I recommend the Hostel El Diable and the Hostel Bongo.

You can make a booking for this and more properties via our Affiliate Link of Wonders!

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Sweet deal, uh?

What to do and see in Belgrade

Flying above Belgrade countryside

I hope you have enjoyed this travel guide to Belgrade’s top attractions. Don’t forget to subscribe in order to get more awesome updates and tips straight to your e-mail!

Have you ever been to Belgrade? Would you like to? Share your thoughts and let me know what you think! 

Until next time, my friends! 

Visit Belgrade, Serbia and get drawn into some of the most epic nightlife in Eastern Europe! This Balkan city is full of river boats, funky bars, nightclubs & so many more places that stay open until dawn via @journeywonders

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  1. Meg Jerrard

    Great post – I loved Belgrade when I was there; this was way back in 07 so it would be interesting to see if it’s evolved or changed much. Though we also enjoyed a picnic at the Belgrade Fortress – no beer, but it was memorable all the same!!

    And I can imagine the journey by rail would be spectacular. I went in on a Contiki bus tour of Europe and this was the best way to see the surrounding countryside, which really is unbelievable!!

  2. Elliott

    Belgrade Fortress looks badass! I’d love to go see all the beautiful Serbian women :D Looks like a really cool city with great scenery

  3. Will

    Awesome post Raphael, I’m heading to Serbia this year and have some great tips here…I’m ready to party and meet some sexy ladys! Diablo hostel may be worth a visit! Cheers for all the tips – killer blog post

  4. Travelwith2ofus

    I have heard a lot about the party scene in Belgrade and I want to experience it. I must do the Belgrade-Bar train journey and visit Kotor. The Belgrade Fortress looks interesting as well. Love these suggestions.

  5. The Educational Tourist

    What a great list of things to love about a destination. I have not been to Belgrade, but it is not on my list of places to see. Thanks for the great post.
    Natalie, The Educational Tourist

  6. Vanessa

    I almost made it to Belgrade this year but the timing just didn’t work out – now i’m mad that I missed it!

  7. Natalie - From Tourist 2 Local

    This is a great list. I have never been to Serbia, but would love to get out there, and now even more. I can imagine that the day trips from Belgrade would be really interesting. I would love to learn more about the local culture there.

  8. Beverly Burmeier

    Seeing your pictures makes me want to visit Belgrade. Somehow I’ve missed it every time I’ve been in Europe.

  9. Michele TravelwithMrsT

    I’ve never been to Belgrade, but would love to visit the Kalmegdan Fortress, especially at sunset. You captured such a beautiful shot of the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers!

  10. Natalie Deduck

    Thanks for sharing great tips!
    My husband and I were planning to go to Belgrade last month, but we changed our plans and headed to Sofia in Bulgaria. Now after reading your post and find out that Belgrade is a good city for partying, I definitely need to visit Serbia.
    All the best,


  11. Valeria

    I’ve heard many great things about Belgrade and your posts confirms them. Thing is I will not take my boyfriend if you say local women are so beautiful :P

  12. Vicky and Buddy

    I’ve only recently gotten into street art, so I think I’d like to check that out if I’m ever able to visit Belgrade. I’d also like to take a ride on the train, the scenery looks beautiful.

  13. Chintan

    Great post! i had a great time when i was in Belgrade. Amazing trip.

  14. Michelle Guard

    This is great! My family and I are travelers like you…Currently stuck in the U.S We lived in Novi Sad, Serbia. Novi Sad is so calm and peaceful, the people are young and open to new people ( It is a college town). Every year there is of course is Exit Festival. Travel to other countries is easy and inexpensive. I found English commonly available, taxi’s are cheap, food is great and cheap. Really, not much not to love. I highly recommend Novi Sad ! On a personal note; how strange to find someone who like us has lived in both Serbia and Mexico!

  15. Frank

    Nice post, we’re big fans of Belgrade. But what I appreciated from your post is the mention of the Belgrade – Bar train which I’m thinking of doing. We’re living in Split (Croatia) now and getting into the inland rail lines is complicated from the coast, it means either going north to Zagreb or down to Bar and going over the mountains. Having done the first I’ve been looking up this 2nd route and I’m glad to hear it’s so scenic…(and yup, agree with you on Kotor)

    Frank (bbqboy)

  16. Yoanna

    Thanks for this post. You grabbed me with the train journey :)
    Serbia is a wonderful country and Serbs are wonderful people. They are very hospitable and at the same time have such a strong temperament. Serbian cuisine is very tasty. The Balkan region is very interesting with its history and sights. I strongly recommend to visit Serbia and the other Balkan countries.