Lapdances in Lapland and Other Crazy Misadventures

In the north of Finland you shall find Lapland, an unique region where creatures of the snow dwell free, a region where the green lights from heaven appear, a region where the sun hides in Winter and never sleeps during the Summer, a region where magic is a common day happening and yet it still feels special.

This is the story of my crazy weekend in Levi, a ski town resort north-west of Lapland where I crossed off many different activities from my crazily awesome Winter Bucketlist.

Sending a Mexican to the snow is like sending a Husky to the beach and here’s why. Enjoy it, my friends!

Levi, the Ski Resort Town of Lapland

Levi, the Ski Resort Town of Lapland

Racing with Huskies at Levi Lapland

Racing with Huskies at Levi Lapland

Lapdances in Lapland? What is up with that?

When my friend Marysia of My Travel Affairs and I got our itinerary for our crazy weekend at Levi, we literally could not believe it: “Saturday Night Lapdance in Lapland? Really?” I said with a smile of joy in my face. “Don’t be so Mexican, Raphael! It’s Lappdance, with a double p. As in…Lappish you know” her voice of wisdom replied.

Folklore has it that the lapdance was invented centuries ago by Santa Claus (or at least someone dressed like him) when he invited a local exotic dancer to sit in his lap and granted her a present after she performed her dance. The gentlemen present at the scene, shocked by this new concept, decided to apply it to their own “gentlemen clubs” and so the lapdance was born.

Of course, the Lappdance (with a double p) was a complete different story…

My Travel Affairs at Lapland

My Travel Affairs at Lapland

Husky Racing at Lapland

Husky Racing at Lapland. Photo credits: My Travel Affairs

“Are you really telling me that the Lappdance is actually a bunch of German DJ’s? What the?” I said to Marysia upon arrival to the Hullu Poro Arena (Hullu Poro means Crazy Reindeer in case you were wondering). “Well, at least you don’t have to tip them so there’s that.” Marysia replied.

Truth to be told, no one got a real lapdance that night but we sure enjoyed the VIP treatment at the club since at some point we were the only ones there. On the plus side, we spent some minutes at the local supermarket taking photos of the unique Finnish drinks including this one called “Mexico” which I’m sure no one in Mexico has ever heard of.

Mexico Long Drink Fuerte!!! Hells yeah!

Mexican Finnish Beer ?

Mexican Finnish Cocktail ?

Lappdances in Levi

Lappdances in Levi, Lapland

Lapdances Dances with Huskies: My Kevin Costner Experience

In the early 90’s, Kevin Costner danced with wolves in order to understand their behavior, build a feral army and defeat the British…or something, it’s been a long time since I watched said movie I reckon. And hey, did you know that Huskies are basically domestic wolves?

This amazing breed of dog are some of the fastest and most resilient animals, being able to run for miles and miles before showing any signs of exhaustion. One of the most popular Winter activities in Lapland is the Husky sled race in which we took part with the Polar Speed Husky Park.

Close up of a Husky at Lapland

Close up of a Husky at Lapland

Japanese dogs at Lapland

Japanese dogs at Lapland

Of course, besides Huskies, the park has many other animals such as Japanese dogs, Arctic Foxes and yes, Wolves. So how about the husky sled ride itself?

Well, let me say that being on a sled pulled by huskies is one of the most awesome experiences I have ever had in my life and even though I have done thrice so far, it is really hard to forget the first time we did at Levi.

Can you imagine crossing a frozen lake during sunset? Christmas Trees, Huskies, Lapdances Lappdances, Reindeer, Mexican/Finnish Cocktails and Skiing…isn’t this the ultimate Christmas experience?

Husy racing in frozen lake Levi Lapland

Husy racing in frozen lake Levi Lapland

Christmas Trees in Lapland

Christmas Trees in Lapland

Practical information about Levi

Levi is a Ski Resort Town located three hours north of Rovaniemi and one hour east of the Seven Fells, it is 170 KM north of the Arctic Circle so there’s a high chance of seeing the Northern Lights here.

There are many accommodation options both in the slopes and in the town itself. For our stay in Levi, we were hosted at the Lapland Hotel Sirkantahti. Our rooms had a private sauna which was a perfect idea after a long day of skiing.

You can make a booking for this and more properties via our Affiliate Link of Wonders!

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Sweet deal, uh?

Sunset at Levi, Lapland

Sunset at Levi, Lapland

Reindeer at Levi Lapland

Reindeer at Levi Lapland

There are many options for eating out in Levi, such as the Restaurant Okta at the Levi Hotel Panorama, the incredible steak house Pihvipirtti and the traditional Sami restaurant Saamen Kami, stay tuned for our Foodie Madness article about them coming up soon!

Also, be sure to visit Levi’s Samiland for a better understanding of the Sami culture and the tradition of reindeer herding but more about them on a brand new article next week! Also, be sure to check out these Finland Fun Facts yo!!!

Have you ever been to Levi, Lapland? Would you like to? Share your thoughts and let me know what you think!!!

The magic vibe of Lapland

The magic vibe of Lapland

The Levi Hotel Panorama

The Levi Hotel Panorama

Disclaimer: This article was brought to you in collaboration with Visit Levi. Next time you visit Levi, be sure to stop by at the Tourist Information office to know all about the current cultural events that you can enjoy in this wonderful place. Until next time, my friends!

Things to Do and See in Levi Lapland Finland

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  1. Katie

    Oh my gosh I want to hang out with the huskies! And that sunset ride looked goooorgeous! I’m sure it was worth the freezing cold in the end! Perhaps you could have led the way with the lapdancing? ;)

  2. Carina

    I just booked my ticket to Levi yesterday! We will be there in the middle of March. So thanks for the information and inspiration about things to do! It came right in time :) I’m waiting for the Foodie Madness article!
    Greetings from Tampere,

  3. Sammi Wanderlustin'

    Take your gloves off when you’re inside!!! Has no one taught you about staying warm. No hats, no gloves!

    A club, you lucky things! In Karesuando, the pub opens at 9pm on Friday and shuts at 2am. It. Is. Not. Open. the rest of the week. And you go to the pub to have a drink with all the people you work with, who had stressed you out enough to need to go and drink!!!

    I can’t believe you were only an hour away down in Levi!

  4. Heli

    My God Raphael! You actually wrote about that theory about lapdance… XD Watch out for mexothermia and reindeer!

  5. Caroline Achieng Otieno

    Ahh! So cool… Really wanted to be in Finland this January.. and now I see I really missed out..sounds and looks like fun!! Maybe I will get to Lapland when the other animals have woken up from hibernating!

  6. h.s.

    Excellent posts, Raphael. Thoroughly enjoy every one I read through. Makes it more and more excited about my trip.
    One question. You mentioned on numerous occasions about how the husky tour you went on in Levi was one of the best. Any more information on that? Which company and which actual tour did you went on? I would really like to check that out.

  7. h.s.

    Apologies. I think I remember reading that it’s Husky & Co.?
    It’s cost a lot more in comparison to all of the others I found. Can they be that much different? All being in the same area.