5 Essential Must-Do of Wonders Before an International Flight

Traveling soon? Check out these 5 Essential things to do before an international flight and make your life way easier my homie!

As I’m writing this I’m less than two weeks away from my next international trip to the one and only Nepal so naturally, I have started to prepare for this upcoming Himalayan adventure of wonders.

Here’s some of my top 5 recommendations for what to do before an International Flight. Enjoy my wonder friends and don’t forget to comment by adding some of your own tips!

Things to do before an International Flight #01 Check out visas and entry requirements of the countries you will be visiting

One of the most important things I learned about travel is to never assume that you can just waltz-in visa free to any country in the world. The second most important thing? Never assume that just because you have a valid visa you won’t be denied entry to said country (yes, it has happened!!!).

Always check and double check entry requirements for all the countries you’ll be visiting in order to guarantee a smooth sailing. And yes, sometimes even the most annoying small detail can potentially ruin your entire trip.

Tip of Wonders #01: Most countries will ask you for a return/onward flight so in case you haven’t bought it yet, I recommend you to buy a flight reservation at Best Onwards. For only 7.99 USD they will issue you a valid onward ticket that is going to be valid for 48 hours so you can show immigration officers proof that you’ll be leaving by air. Pretty cool, uh?

Things to do before an International Flight

Fake smoking a Cuban cigar. Why not?

Things to do before an International Flight #02: Take a look at the weather forecast and consider it when it comes to packing for your trip

Has it ever happened to you that you book a trip to a exotic beach destination only to find out that Winter indeed exists in said island and that the water is pretty to look at but extremely cold to swim in? No? Oh well, I guess I’m one of the unlucky ones then.

In any case, I really recommend you to check out multiple weather forecast websites (including those with historical figures from past years) in order to decide what to bring (and what NOT to bring for your next adventure).

Tip of Wonders #02: Adaptability is key for any trip and in case that yours includes both cold and hot destinations, I really recommend you to take a look at my Round The World Packing List of Wonders to see what I was traveling with during my years of being a digital nomad in Europe, Asia and North Africa.

Things to do before an International Flight

Sunset at Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Things to do before an International Flight #03: Buy a reliable travel insurance and hope you won’t have to use it a lot

If you know me, you already know that I take pride in doing relatively extreme activities that have made my mother question my sanity more than once. Luckily, nothing major has ever happened to me in terms of injuries but the back of my head sometimes wonders: what if…?

What if I had fallen in that active blue flame volcano in Indonesia? What if I had crashed that motorcycle in Thailand? What if a drug lord stabs me in Mexico just because I’m more handsome than him and his ex girlfriend prefers me? Alright, the last one has probably happened to me once or twice. In any case, travel insurance sure is a great ally to have.

Tip of Wonders #03: When it comes to selecting the ideal travel insurance, it is always important to read the small print very carefully since most of them will only pay you back if if you go to their selected doctors. Personally, I recommend Via Escapade Travel Insurance for their professionalism. Be sure to check them out and read some of the reviews!

Things to do before an International Flight

The Man of Wonders and his gas mask at Ijen Volcano, Indonesia

Things to do before an International Flight #04: Read the reviews of the airline you’ll be flying with…and be prepared

Let’s be honest: air travel can be very stressful and annoying thanks to the human factor. Maybe there’s a toddler right behind you doing her best to sing Frozen’s main song. Maybe there’s an arm-rest wrestler that simply doesn’t give up. Maybe there’s an airline employee that wants to punch you because he caught you red-handed with his wife in the middle of his honeymoon and…alright, I should stop sharing.

The case is, that not all airlines have good costumer service as one of their main priorities and each time you’re flying with someone new, it is important to do research about them. Think of this as the equivalent of asking your friends if the girl you’re interested in going out with has a problematic drug lord ex boyfriend. Works every time my friends!!!

Tip of Wonders #04: Aviation Travel Blogs are very scarce and it’s kind of hard to find unbiased reviews since most of them make a living by working on projects with the same airlines they’re reviewing, however I invite you to check out Go Travel Your Way for some honest and reliable airline reviews.

Things to do before an International Flight

Sigiriya Rock as seen from the skies

Things to do before an International Flight #05: Be on your best mood at all times and remember to always smile

Finally, the best thing to do before an international trip is to just relax and frame yourself to be in a positive state of mind. Projecting is one of the most important neuro-linguistic programming techniques and it can definitely help you to take the stress of travel planning away.

Who cares if your flight was delayed by 20 hours and now you have to sleep in the cold hard airport floor? Who cares if your luggage is lost and now you have no winter coat to protect you from the sub zero temperatures outside the airport? Who cares if a Mexican drug lord has put a bounty on your head because you’re dating his ex girlfriend and now you have to legally change your name? Eh…alright, that last one is truly worrisome.

Tip of Wonders #05: While short flights are simply bothersome, long haul flights have the potential of becoming an endless limbo from which there’s no escape. Luckily here’s an article about how to survive a long haul flight including tips on how to befriend the air attendants. And please…DO NOT bring an ostrich pillow to the airplane!!! Seriously…

Things to do before an International Flight

The monasteries of Ladakh, India

I hope you have enjoyed these 5 Essential Must-Do of Wonders before an International Flight. Don’t forget to subscribe in order to get more awesome updates and tips straight to your e-mail!

What are some of your best tips for planning a trip, my friends? Share your thoughts and let me know what you think!

Until next time, my friends!

5 Travel Tips for Travel Planning

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  1. Allison Green

    Good idea about printing onward tickets in advance. I’ve seen people get screwed before at the last minute!

  2. Marina

    Excellent recommendations Raphael, especially about the travel insurance!
    I’m traveling next week and this is so convenient

  3. Don Henson

    Good checklist! Although I’ve never in 20 years been asked for evidence of an onward/return flight at an immigration checkpoint, a few countries, such as China, require one to get a visa! I’ve always used a similar service provided by United Airlines – pay a few bucks for a reserved ticket, a reservation that disappears if you don’t actually pay the full amount a few days later. But of course, if you use United, your #4 preparation might include some kick-boxing lessons – haha.

  4. Kanki

    Wow!! Its a great post. You are looking smart in all pictures but with cigar you are looking stunning.

  5. Isabella Jones

    Really helpful content. Getting to know the services you will be getting onboard is important so checking reviews before flying can go a long way in preparing yourself for the unforeseen circumstances.Thank you for sharing your valuables insights!