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7 Wonderful Things to Do and See in Budapest

An article about the best things to do and see in Budapest including the best view of the Danube, Fisherman’s Bastion, St Stephen Cathedral, and more.

One of my greatest surprises upon arriving in Budapest was to learn that the so-called Pearl of the Danube was actually two cities in one: Buda, a city on a hill where you can find the Castle and Pest, the flat land across the Danube where all the modern fun takes place.

Budapest as such only came together years after the Chain Bridge, one of the most iconic landmarks of Hungary, was built and connected the twin cities.

Here’s a free self-guided walking tour to the best things to do and see in Budapest. Enjoy!

The 7 Best Things to Do and See in Budapest

The Heroes’ Square and City Park

This self-guided walking tour to Budapest will start in the most iconic square of the city: Hősök tere (Heroes’ Square) where you will find statues of the ancient rulers of Hungary.

From Heroes’ Square you will have to walk the Andrassy Avenue, called the Champs Elyseés of Budapest by many visitors and locals alike, all the way to the outskirts of the Danube river.

It’s a very nice avenue filled with many luxury shops and street performers, as well as some interesting modern art sculptures.

Things to Do and See in Budapest
Heroes Square in Budapest, one of the best things to do and see in Budapest

Go inside St. Stephen Basilica and See the Holy Finger

After the end of Andrassy Avenue and just before reaching the Danube river, you will find St. Stephen Basilica. The church is the tallest building in the Pest side (tied with the Hungarian Parliament), standing at a height of 96 meters (315 feet). Entrance is free of charge although you’re supposed to leave a donation.

You can visit the treasury of the Cathedral to see the “Holy Dexter”, which is just a fancy name to describe Stephen’s right hand.

Yes, you can actually pay to see the hand of a dead Hungarian king.

Self guided walking tour of Budapest
The gardens of Buda Castle

Behold the Architecture of the Hungarian Parliament

When it comes to the best things to do and see in Budapest, the Hungarian Parliament is probably number one in everyone’s list.

The first thing that people say when seeing a photo of the Hungarian Parliament is that it looks like a white version of Westminster in London. The truth is that the architect in charge of the Hungarian Parliament totally based his designs on the one of London and kind of plagiarized them in order to built this one.

It was once said that when Freddy Mercury sailed along the Danube river he totally loved the architecture of this building and actually tried to buy it.

Though luck, Freddy! Not for sale!

Self guided walking tour of Budapest
The Budapest Parliament

Walk Along the Danube River

From the Hungarian Parliament it’s time now to walk to the Chain Bridge and beyond. Before crossing the legendary bridge, let’s walk past it in order to enjoy the many sculptures located west of it.

From Hungarian painters to little devil kids, the creativity of the Hungarian sculptors truly shows in the banks of the Danube.

Did you know that the mythical Rubik cube is a Hungarian invention? The mastermind behind it is still alive to this day. Awesome, uh?

Self guided walking tour of Budapest
The sculptures of Budapest

Cross the Chain Bridge and hike the Buda Hill

After enjoying a pleasant walk along the Danube it’s time now to cross the Chain Bridge and reach the Buda side of Budapest. This bridge is the most used one by cars, bicycles and pedestrians alike.

Be warned that bicycles use the pedestrian road instead of the car road so be careful when crossing the bridge!

Contrary to most world-famous bridges, love locks are not that common in the Chain bridge, however, you can still find a few of them scattered around it. Seriously, what is up with this tradition of chaining love?

Once you’re across the bridge, be sure to climb Buda Hill to get some of the best panoramic views of Budapest. Definitely one of the best things to do and see in Budapest my friends!

Self guided walking tour of Budapest
St Stephen Cathedral, Budapest

Visit the Buda Castle and Watch the Changing of the Guard

To get to the top of Buda Hill you have basically three options: Take a bus, take the lift or take the 15 minutes hike to the top. I did the cheapest option and, after losing my breath a few times, I finally made it to the top of Buda Hill, one of the best places to take photos of Budapest, in order to admire the magnificent architecture of the palace. Come on, you can do it too! Use those legs of yours!

The first thing you’ll notice is the uniformed guards similar to those of Prague, London, Athens, and Madrid. Each year you will see them march and change the guard of the sentries.

It’s totally worth to wait in order to watch it!

Self guided walking tour of Budapest
The view of the Danube from Fishermen Bastion

Enjoy the Views from the Fishermen Bastion

Last, but certainly not least, you can walk from Buda Castle to the Fishermen Bastion and St. Mathias Church (it’s actually way close than what it looks!). It’s a pleasant 10-15 minutes walk from which you can get some good panoramic views of Buda.

From the Bastion, you can climb some of the towers for free (while others charge you a small fee). Here you shall find some of the best views of the Pest side, the Hungarian Parliament and the Danube river. Feeling hungry? Check out some food and drink Budapest recommendations here!

Looking for something alternative to do? How about an epic pub crawl to some of Budapest’s Ruin Pubs? These buildings, once communist warehouses and factories, are now all the rage when it comes to partying in Hungary my friends!!!

It’s no wonder that Budapest is one of my favorite European cities of them all!

Self guided walking tour of Budapest
The view of the Danube from Fishermen Bastion

Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has a very rich cultural history and if you have the time, you should definitely consider taking part on the Jewish and Communism free walking tours that are offered daily.

Also, you should consider visiting the Baths to relax for a while if the weather allows it. Visiting the House of Terrors is also a good idea if you’re into learning what life was like under the oppression of the Nazis and later on the Soviets.

Finally, if you’re really interested in Communist history, you can visit Memento Park, where all the sculptures from Communist times are located. The entrance fee is about 5 euros and you can access it via public transportation.

Self guided walking tour of Budapest
The Fishermen Bastion of Budapest

Where to Stay in Budapest, Hungary

Accommodation in Budapest is mostly in the Pest side of the city where all the action takes place. Here’s a list of my recommendations for all types of budgets:

If you’re looking for luxury and boutique hotels, my best choices are the Aria Hotel Budapest and the Hotel Palazzo Zichy Budapest. For budget hostels and guest houses I recommend the Maverick City Lodge and the Best Choice Hostel(Click here to see even more recommendations about where to stay in Budapest my friends!).

You can make a booking for this and more properties via our Affiliate Link of Wonders!

I hope you have enjoyed this article about the best things to do and see in Budapest. Don’t forget to subscribe in order to get more awesome updates and tips straight to your e-mail!

Have you ever visited Budapest? What were some of your favorite things to do and see in Budapest? Share your thoughts and let me know what you think!!!

Until next time, my friends!

Budapest, made up of the twin cities of Buda and Pest, is the capital of Hungary located on the beautiful Danube river. Here are some things to do in Budapest, including thermal baths, photography spots, beautiful churches, fun nightlife & more!
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